Marketing Pros and Cons for Opinionated Blogging

Reporting factual and objective data is a journalist’s primary responsibility. While website owners and bloggers alike may not be obliged to adhere to the same rule, neither are they completely free to brandish their opinion anytime they want to.

Practicing opinionated blogging has its own share of pros and cons in marketing, ones you should take care to consider before writing a subjective paragraph in your next post.

PRO: Generate Buzz
Opinionated blogging can generate a lot of buzz the good kind even, if you play your cards right. One excellent case in point is when you’re the first to spot a good thing. Being one of the lucky few to watch a movie premier and writing a positive review about it could generate excellent buzz for your website.

CON: Risk Causing Damage and Alienation
Of course, if you have bad things to share with your readers then you risk stepping on more than a few toasts. The first person you’re sure to antagonize is whoever it is you’re criticizing. You can also end up alienating your target market if your writing appears to be exceptionally harsh.

Before you wield your pen like a sword and eventually sound overreacting, consider the possible consequences of your words and actions. Ask yourself what you hope to gain and whether it’s worth the risk you’re required to take once you let your opinion be known to the public.

There’s a right and wrong time for opinionated blogging and there are limits that one must always observe. Understanding both principles is the key to determining when speaking up or remaining silent is more advantageous for your business.