Two Great Ways for Making Money from Designing T-Shirts Online

filipino t-shirt designerYou can make money from designing T-shirts online in two ways.

If it’s your desire to make yourself known in the fashion world, designing T-shirts online is an affordable and effective way of doing so. A number of websites will allow you to upload your designs on their databases. If a customer finds your T-shirt design attractive and puts an order for it, the website will take care of printing and manufacturing and once payment has been received, you will then be compensated on a commission basis.

Another way to make money from designing T-shirts online is by using them as a marketing tool for your website. If you have no fashion designing skills yourself, try hiring a professional to design them for you. To save on costs, consider hiring a fashion design student or anyone whose artistic skills you find impressive.

The designs of your T-shirts must always contain the name of your website but having your logo included is optional. Secondly, your T-shirt design must contain a fashionable element one that’s sure to attract your target market into buying and wearing your shirts. It’s your aim to sell as many T-shirts as you can since having them worn by people is like having walking advertisements for your website.

Browse fashion magazines and websites to determine the best style or material to use for your T-shirts. Consider creating different T-shirt designs for the various segments making up your target market. Segregate your target market, for instance, according to gender and age.

  • great tips, thanks. I have some friends that will be interested in this info.

  • Cafepress is a great site to make and sell your own T-shirts, you should check it out.

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      Yes. Cafepress is my fav site.

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  • T-shirts are good business. You stick a design on a $2 shirt and charge $20 for it.

    I am cynically amused by people who pay money to advertise other people’s products or ideas on their chests.

  • Neat idea – to make people pay for wearing your advertisement:))) Need to try this out, thank you for the hint!

  • CafePress is good, but it is still hard to sell tshrits. You have to get out and do the leg work, just like any other website. This includes SEO and more. Furthermore, if you are not good at photoshop or some editing program you probably won’t make it.

  • yes Cafepress not good because we must pay for have a big product.

  • It can be termed as an avenue to make money for the trendy business minded individual with unique creativity. The T-shirt designing is one of the fastest growing businesses on the internet. Hence, the biggest hitch to starting your own t-shirt business is the competition. Consumers are always looking for the next big thing. With all of the competition it is essential that one comes up with an exclusive design and a cool slogan. Well jump on this bandwagon and let creativity sell!

  • Keta

    does anyone know any good websites that you can upload t-shirt designs for free that also give u profit? thank you
    p.s. besides cafepress

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