Stress-Relievers For Busy Freelancer

stress-relievers for busy freelancersNot anyone alive can totally avoid stress. Not even the greatest of all freelancers who have mastered the art and science of multi-tasking. It’s simply a natural thing to happen if you’re working. However, stress should not be taken for granted because it can take a toll on our health. If you’re not concerned about your health, which would be very weird, just think of stress’ effect on your overall performance if you let yourself succumb to its effects.

So how do you keep stress in normal levels? Here are some stress-relievers that can help you:

Sensational Scents
While trying to meet a deadline, why not light some incense or an aromatherapy candle that can further help you juice your mind and writing prowess while keeping your stress in normal levels?

Get a Massage
Massage is an ancient “bodywork” technique that is used to iron out muscle stress and also to provide relief from pain by applying pressure at sensitive points of the body.

Massage is beneficial for the many variables present in the body. It can strengthen the skin, relieve muscular and joint pains, and can also help in adding that element of robustness in ligaments, tendons and connective tissues. It also has the propensity to fortify the gastrointestinal system and the reproductive organs.

Get High on Music
Maybe you’ve been trying to finish your data entry project for almost 10 hours now but you still can’t finish all of it for various reasons. Maybe you simply need some upbeat music to jazz things a bit and keep you focused. Or how about some mellow background music to keep your nerves calm while transcribing your podcast projects?

Now those are some common ways that even non-freelancers can make use of. Now what about Internet frequenters, particularly, freelance bloggers?

How can we de-stress? One of my favorite ways to get rid of stress is visiting Lolcatz or

I’d also read a lot of’s country blogging. The idea is to find a site that tickles your fancy and can help you forget about the day’s stress. How about you? Which sites relieves you of stress?

  • For me music is the best form of stress relief. I just put on my headphones and turn up the tunes on my Iphone.

  • Schedule time off every week and remove yourself from the world. No email and no phones. Go do whatever you enjoy and don’t let anyone interrupt.

  • Nice Post
    Thanx for sharing :)
    Stumbled your Url Cheers!

  • i usually go out and shoot (pictures, not animals) when I’m stressed. Doing soemthing that lets me be creative usually calms me down. I don’t usually look at websites to relieve stress but there are a couple of really good ones that sell stuff to relieve stress at reasonable prices.

  • Drawing, reading, photography, meeting with friends, having long walks. What I do need to learn is how to get 100% isolated from the business world when the working day is over, it’s the most difficult part:)

  • Nothing beats a nice massage to get back on track.

  • The massage is a great idea. I got a massage at my work today and it really picked me up. I had almost zero productivity before the massage. Afterwards I got a lot done

  • great post.
    i’m working freelance and i need a massage too :)

    good idea

  • Lol cats or icanhascheezburger are great ways to unwind. They say laughter is the best medicine! I do wish for a massage right about now though.

  • I agree that massage is a good way to relieve stress but it’s too expensive to go to professional massage and my partner doesn’t have enough time to massage me every time I’m stressed. So the best way to relieve stress is listening to music. It works every time!

  • Massage is a good way to relax our tired muscles and I will combine it with aromatherapy oils to get a max benefit.