3 Culprits of Low AdSense Earnings

low adsense earningsAlthough many are against the fact of making AdSense as one’s main source of income, it’s hard to convince those that have experienced success in publishing sites and earning from AdSense that they should not put all of their eggs in one basket.

So what if you’re one of those who thinks making AdSense as a major, if not the only, source of income? How do you make the chances of profiting from it more feasible?

Here are some causes of low AdSense earnings that you should prepare for:

Hacked Site
This is especially useful for those who are using open source content management systems like WordPress. Many are complaining about their blogs having codes that they never placed or texts that violate AdSense TOS. It won’t only cause your earnings to decrease, it might cause it to totally disappear. Scary, eh?

Solutions – Always update your CMS’ version and don’t ever give out your password to anyone.

Underoptimized and Overoptimized Site

This is one of the most common reasons why one site can’t get the maximum AdSense earnings it can get. Either your AdSense ads are not relevant to your site’s content or your ads are somewhere no one can see them. However, make sure that you don’t overoptimize your site either because this might also backfire causing your traffic to go away instead of staying to enjoy your site and click some ads.

Solution – Experiment and see how your earnings AND traffic go up and down while you optimize your ads

No One Knows about Your Site

A fairly new site can out-earn an old site. How’s that possible? If the new site has more traffic, logically, it will earn more especially if it’s optimized enough. If your site is old and unpopular, what can you expect?

Solution – Use SEO techniques such as writing quality content, submitting it to social bookmarking sites and applying link building methods.

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  • Yes you are right I totally agree with your 3 point of view. Thanks for sharing.

  • I quit using adsense :) yeeeehaa..!

  • I wouldn’t even have thought of a hacked site…

    The Adsense team just put out a great little tutorial on optimizing content for Google/Adsense searching:


  • Thanks for the post. One obvious way to get low earnings is to build a site around a low paying niche.

  • Tom

    I have found a new term from the article and it is “Over Optimization”. Biggest benefit of vising blogs is, We are being introduced with new terms and concepts.

  • I have not yet tried this yet, but I have read a couple of times that cycling your adsense, or more specifically, creating new code every two weeks can keep your account fresh to the advertisers and emliminate “smart Pricing.” I have not tried either way.

  • Also be sure to update your adsblacklist to cover the gap in Adsense revenue!

  • Nice tips. I haven’t done the social bookmarking thingy just yet.

  • Ashley

    Good tips, but they are very general.

  • Great post. I’m trying to maximize some adsense revenue and agree with your analysis 100%.