Independent Contractor’s Must Have’s : Benefits Indipendent Contractors Should Know About

freelancers vacation tipsBeing an independent contractor or freelancer requires skills. It is somewhat a career most especially for freelance writers where they use their writing prowess to earn extra or even make a living out of it. But what happens when a writer gets sick? Sure everything’s case to case basis but it’s always good to know the benefits you should have.

Freelancers are entitled to vacations, they need them. One of the cool things about being a freelancer is that you can set your own time at your own pace. That means you can take vacations or even plan for it. While away, you may even find the drive to write some more or and that’s good news for a freelance writer.

However, before taking your vacation, you should make sure you have a clean slate of schedule and no work will be affected by it.

Freelancers who work for other people’s regular jobs most of the time get paid for sick time. Unfortunately as freelance writers, we do not. This is one of the reasons why some recommend a six month’s worth of money savings. That gives you an alternative way to cover yourself just in case you can’t work for a day or two

In US, it is obvious that they have major problems when it comes to health insurance. If someone has a spouse, one could actually get the health insurance in that manner. Participating in a group, like for example the National Writers Union, is another way to make sure health insurance is more affordable.


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