Tools for Online Reputation Monitoring

Online reputation management is a developing field that encompasses public relations and search engine optimization to ensure that positive information about you, your company and or brands filters to the top of the search engines while negative information is pushed backwards in search results.

If your company’s reputation’s good, it can easily translate to more sales or if you’re a consultant and your reputation is in excellent status, it can mean more projects for you. So how do you keep it that way?

Your top priority should be to keep accomplishing your project well if you are providing services. If you sell goods, keep your customers satisfied with your products. But what if there are some uncontrollable circumstances that you’re afraid might ruin your reputation, especially you’re online reputation? Here are some tools that might help you keep track of your online reputation to be able to quickly solve any problem that may arise:

RSS – you can use any RSS feed services like BlogLines, NetVibes, Google Reader to keep track of news information about your company or business. You just have to search for the company name or your name and set up an RSS alert using any of the abovementioned services.

Google Alerts – this is one of the free services offered by Google for those who’d like to be alerted on news information about certain products, companies or even personalities. One who wishes to be updated about the buzz around his or her company or name can make use of this just by setting up an email alert.

Other online identity tracking services or tools include: – Trackur allows users to submit multiple keywords–such as their name, products, and brands–and automatically monitor news, blogs, images, video, and other social media for any mention of those keywords.

BrandsEye – Online Reputation Monitoring (ORM) software. Gives you the power to monitor and protect your online reputation.

How do you make sure your online reputation is always in tip-top shape?

  • Though not a blogger, this certain Brit wrote lots of negative stuff and blogged in dozen of websites against me. Since he is such a freak, no one took him seriously of course. dedma na lang ako. Why react defensively?

  • @ Noemi – Detractors can also help us measure our online reputation… If people doesnt like you then People will write bad things against you as well… But Hell No… Of course people loves you…. so your right why bother?

  • These services both look great, but where’s the free version. Is this technology that great that it deserves a fee?

  • Wow, there’s a lot of things that needs to be done if you really want to track what’s happening with your reputation online. But I guess its necessary if you want to create a name for yourself online.

  • I am familiar with RSS and Google Alerts and am impressed by results of Google Alert. I track many of my hot keywords via Google Alerts.Other tools are pretty new for me and I shall give them a try. Thanks for sharing.

  • I find your article to be very interesting! I want to learn more about online reputation and optimization.

  • Yeah, pretty useful tips here. It’s my first time to hear about this online reputation thing. I’ll read on to know more :)

  • Hmm, thanks for the list. Those tools will surely help in online monitoring, but it will take some time for learning and getting used with them. After that only positives are expected.

  • I want ask, how they pay with you, with paypal or what?

  • @ promotional products – i accept PayPal

  • I believe this project is free, no?