Where to Get Your Next Freelance Web Design Project

freelance web designerWeb designers who are just starting out are lucky to have a wide variety of options when looking for continuous flow of design projects that can lead them to a more promising career.

Aside from the popularity of social media in letting the word out about just about anyone’s business, there are dozens upon dozens of freelance marketplaces where they can score big breaks that will let them metamorphose into their best form ever.

So itching to know what sites can help you find web design jobs?

Here are three of the most popular freelance web design job marketplaces:

At first glance, it may seem like just one innocent but very much high-traffic forum, it’s one forum that’s most frequented by web design newbies looking for new projects. You can join contests on making logos or creating WordPress themes. Prizes can be as lovely as a few thousand bucks to getting exclusive an exclusive contract as an in-house web designer.

Similar to SitePoint, there are gazillions of logo making and web design contests that anyone wishing to earn a few hundred dollars can join. There are also other design contest categories like stationery design, button and icon design, t-shirt design and print design. Take your pick!

This is actually a site where you can post your design portfolio. Aside from being a topdog when it comes to allowing professionals and newbies to learn from each other’s advice and suggestions, it also has a job listing section, and design contests can be found on that network as well.

Incoming search terms:

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  • 99Designs is new to me as well. It looks worth checking out, so I just bookmarked it. I love finding new options!

  • Behance and 99designs are both new to me. Going to put up my portfolio at behance shortly. thanks

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