What Can Freelancers Learn From Playing Video Games — The Ultimate Guide to Success

playing video gamesAs more and more people are engaged into freelancing, many became vulnerable to failures, fiascos, and disappointments. Why? It’s simply because most of them have thought of freelance jobs as one of those “get-rich-quick” methods. They go to the battle without furnishing themselves with the right method.

Like a typical video game player, freelancers should learn the ultimate 3 battle gears in freelancing. Video game players know how to equip themselves with the right stuffs, given the right agility and power, to be able to combat the game. That’s because kids who play video games know that they cannot simply click start and hope to win the game without being ready. Experts say that in order to play a video game well, one should learn the important aspects of the game. If you do not know how to manipulate your controls, chances are, you will end up being a loser.

Freelancing works on the same principle as video games. It is not even a do-or-die thing. You need to work on strategies to combat your enemies, that is, in freelancing, your competitors. So the question is: What can freelancers really learn from playing video games? Just as a player learns how to play the video game well, freelancers can also pick up the same philosophy.

Here’s how:

1. What?

Most video game has its own synopsis, an overview. At this point, it is important for a player to know what the game is all about. Hence, he knows what to expect and what to establish. Simply, players learn the rules of the games. And from these rules, they know how to play nice and fair.

This also applies in freelancing. Those who want to pursue a career in freelancing must learn what the business is all about before engaging into commitments. Just as video games have rules, freelancing also has a set of rules. With these rules, freelancers know what to do and particularly those that should not be done.

2. How?

How denotes a process, something that you learn from doing about something. In video games, the question of “How” brings a player to the very essence of playing the game. He or she should know the mechanics of the game in order to execute the strategies effectively.

Freelancing works in the same way. You will never be a successful freelancer if you do not know how to work on the job well. Gradually, you will learn techniques, just as a player learns strategies in the game. Step-by-step you will know that working as a freelancer will never be your one-stop get-rich-quick scheme. It has to be a process that you should learn how to follow.

3. Why?

The cause and effect. In video games, learning “why” is simply knowing why such thing exists, why such moves need to be executed, and why certain rules may never be applicable all the time. A player knows that if his character died in the game, there must be some reason why it happened — could be lack of agility, wrong warfare, or wrong strategy.

Freelancers must also learn this concept of cause and effect. It can be an endless trial and error thing just to get the correct strategy. Clients may demand from you more than what you can give to them. But you can always learn how to counterattack the situation if you only know why. Remember, there is a reason for everything. If your turnaround time is faster than the usual, then you know why clients ask for more.

With these three important concepts of learning how to play a video game, freelancers can learn more in business simply by playing video games. Applying these three rules, freelancers know that in order to find success, they must learn things (what), carry out trial (how), and adjust to challenges (why).