Page Views, Page Rank, and Traffic Rank: Which Can Help You Make Money the Fastest with Your Website?

make money onlineAre you wondering which is the most important factor in making money off your sites among page views, page rank, and traffic rank?

If so, the answer is simple: it can be any of the three, depending on your perspective.

Page Views
This particular data lets you know several things. Depending on the website traffic analysis software you’re using, page views doesn’t just let you know how many people have viewed a particular page and consequently, which page in your website is the most viewed. You may also find out which part of your target market found the page interesting, and in so doing, determine the best way to approach them when you’ve a new product to launch. Lastly, page views can help you see how you’re doing each minute of each day.

Page Ranking
Sizing up your competition can be effectively achieved by determining your page ranking. In page ranking, you’ll know how you stand in a market niche. If you’ve written a post about gourmet foods for Dalmatians, page ranking will let you know where you stand in that category.

Traffic Ranking
Finally, traffic ranking lets you know the overall standing of your website. Most people consider traffic ranking as the all-important factor in determining a website’s ability to generate profit. And while is certainly a critical factor, this is not to say that traffic ranking is without flaws. Traffic ranking may help you see the bigger picture, but if you want details, page views and page ranking would be more helpful.

Page ranking and page views alike can help you identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your websites. Traffic ranking will help you evaluate how your website is doing overall. Ultimately, all of them play significant roles in helping your website make money.

  • Thank you for this post. I’m a newbie and I’ll be taking a look around your site for other sage advise.

  • In my opinion,we should pay attention to page views.It will tell you which pages are most visited which might indicate the hot sellers in your website .After you have this information ,you will be able to do a better marketing!

  • Good information.I am new to websites and I thought about my website as a whole,but now I will focus more on my individual pages and improve them more.thank you

  • Jerry

    Its great to read such detailed information on how the web connects with customers. I always image how to know which pages are viewed by my visitors, I recently stumbled upon a serviced office site and reallised that most visitors come into a page but always goes back to the homepage. Nice information. Thanks

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  • All of these factors are important. But according to me, its the traffic rank which plays the major role whether you will be able to make some money from your website or not

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  • Finally the ranking systems have been demystified. Thanks for the info!

  • The traffic is definitely No.1. But you can also make some good stuff with PR, by having friends to exchange links with. This is more of a long term thing, but it also brings profits.

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    Although some of them are more important and some are less but as a whole, we can’t ignore anything. All of them are important and necessary. Although I am not lover of having PR and spending a lot of resources on link building but I care about that.

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    Yes all the three things are equally important but at number one place page viewing comes as from this you get an idea about what people like. Then working on this you can increase traffic.

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    dHm, dont know for sure about all three things but the first one humans factor is important trully.

  • Great information. I would add one observation. Page ranking is important, but only for right keywords. What’s the point in being no 1 for a keyword which does not bring traffic? You can beat your competition at nothing. From my point of view, analyzing web pages traffic and page views statistics are more valuable than page rankings.

  • yea you need to be a highly searched word to make it even worth it you know?

  • traffic lets u hav page views.
    without pageviews u cant get ptc working.
    pagerank & alexa rank is so fluctuating that u cant rely on them. but sadly most advertisers do!

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