Research Reveals Up to 50% Cost Savings For Bayan Wireless Landline Users

Every end of the month, the arrival of phone bills never fails to elicit a collective sigh among Filipino mobile users, particularly those who value talking over the phone to talk to their family and conduct business transcations.  Truth of the matter is, the Philippines has the highest call rate per minute in Asia and even other parts of the world as shown by independent studies done by leading technology think-tanks.

Tunde Fafunwa Bayantel Biggest Bill Loser
Chief Executive Consultant of Bayan Telecommunications

But though their cellphone charges stack up to thousands of pesos, Filipinos have no choice but to bear its cost in order to enjoy on-the-go communication.

That is, until the bayanWIRELESS landline arrived.

Savings Breakdown

RJ Ledesma Winner of Bayantel Biggest Bill Loser
RJ Ledesma Winner of Bayantel Biggest Bill Loser

Computations based on research conducted by Firestarters commissioned by Bayan Telecommunications among a sample of 520 respondents and usage data from their subscribers showed that Filipinos could cut down up to 50% of their phone bills should they avail of the benefits of bayanWIRELESS landline. This potential savings figure was derived from comparing the costs associated with commonly used services found in cellphones and bayanWIRELESS landlines and average usage habits.

The four main features compared were as follows: 1) local landline calls, 2) mobile phone calls, 3) NDD (National Direct Dial) calls, and 4) IDD (International Direct Dial) calls.

RJ Ledesma Bayantel Biggest Bill Loser
Bayantel Biggest Bill Loser

In terms of local landline calls, users of bayanWIRELESS landline can rack up to 67% in savings. Unlike other wireless landline services that only provide 600 call minutes for a fixed monthly charge, the bayanWIRELESS landline offers unlimited calling to other Bayan phones and any landline located in the same area code.

Given that Filipinos call an average of 2100 minutes a month based on the data, the unlimited calling feature of bayanWIRELESS landline disregards the need to pay for additional minutes beyond the 600-minute bundle of other wireless landline services.

Boom Gonzales Janice Villanueva and RJ Ledesma
Boom Gonzales, Janice Villanueva and RJ Ledesma

But more than landline call savings, cellphone users were found to gain the most from using their bayanWIRELESS landline for voice calls. Charges related to mobile phone calls can go down by up to 50% if they were made using a bayanWIRELESS landline instead of a cellphone. Assuming a person calls while mobile at least once a day, that’s already at least 30 minutes per month, or according to research, more near an average of 90 minutes a month. Multiply that with regular off-net calling rates at P7.50/minute of other networks and Bayan Wireless Landline’s rate of P6.50/minute to cellphones shows instant savings.

Similarly, charges associated with NDD (National Direct Dial) calls and IDD (International Direct Dial) calls can decrease by up to 47% and 74%, respectively. With Bayan’s IDD rate going for only P4.50/minute to Top 10 countries, it’s not hard to see how it beats other networks’ rates of P17/minute ($0.40). This affordable call rate allows Filipinos to have longer and more meaningful conversations with loved ones overseas. The NDD savings stem from the lower rates of bayanWIRELESS landline of P4.00 per minute, which is significantly lower than the mobile phone rate of P7.50 per minute.

The Biggest Bill Loser

The impact of these findings was recently demonstrated in the Biggest Bill Loser, the first ever online reality show created by a Telco. Famous personalities were filmed over a period of 30 days as they use the bayanWIRELESS landlines given to them.

Bloggers in Bayantel Biggest Bill Loser
Bloggers with Bayantel Biggest Bill Loser Crew

Seen through uploaded “webisodes” in the official website and spread over email, famous personalities experienced first-hand the cost savings opportunities offered by the bayanWIRELESS landline. RJ Ledesma, popular host, editor and businessman, won the title Biggest Bill Loser by saving 30% from his average cellphone bill, the highest drop in phone bills among the participants, which included radio and TV personality Boom Gonzalez, real estate sales manager Darwin Carpio and entrepreneur-mommy Janice Villanueva.

“At first I was skeptical that using bayanWIRELESS landline would actually cut down my phone bills. But then I started using it for my daily needs—checking-in on my wife, getting updates from the office and basically talking to everyone that I have business with.. Then by the end of the month, I was pleasantly surprised that my bill dropped by 30%! And it’s not just me who saved, my clients and my wife don’t have to spend anymore to call me even when I’m mobile—they just use the landline at home or at the office.” said RJ.

Aside from highlighting the cost savings advantage of bayanWIRELESS landline, the Biggest Bill Loser competition also dispels the notion that voice calls are unaffordable. This is a key insight towards more meaningful conversations, especially for 84% of Filipinos who text more often than they call because cellphone call rates are more expensive—according to official research done by Integrated Marketing Solutions for Bayan with 300 respondents.

As it is, 95% of Filipinos say that they are more easily understood when they call than when they text. This means that Filipinos only text because they think it is cheaper. But when asked, what they would do if calling cost the same as texting, 98% of Filipinos agreed that they would then prefer to call than text.

With the problem of cost hounding Filipinos, leaving them to rely on the less effective text messaging medium, Bayan sought to bring back voice calls through bayanWIRELESS landline. And as seen in the Biggest Bill Loser competition, Filipinos now have the option of using bayanWIRELESS landline in order to cut back on ever-increasing phone expenses while still enjoying a connected and mobile lifestyle.

As Tunde Fafunwa, Bayan chief executive consultant revealed: “Bayan Wireless Landline is not for everybody, but it is for anybody who values real conversations, for people who value talking to their family, their loved ones and their business or work associates and enjoy the benefit of unlimited landline calls while on-the-go for a fixed monthly rate.”

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