VOLCOM is looking for the best graphic shirt designs!

Volcom Stone presents: “Why Do You Keep On Hurting Your Neighborhood? What’s Wrong With You?”

VOLCOM T-shirt Design contest 2
VOLCOM T-shirt Design contest

If you’re an artist and a legit Filipino citizen, be the one to shout out “Why are you hurting your neighborhood? What’s wrong with you?”
The best among original submitted graphic shirt designs with this theme will be picked out by Volcom and made into a limited edition shirt. The chosen designer will be featured by Volcom and enjoy the following awesome perks:

VOLCOM T-shirt Design contest 3
Winning Entry from Bloggers

-A cash prize of Php 25,000.00
-A Php 10,000 shopping spree of Volcom stuff from Aloha Boardsports.
-Plus, media mileage and bragging rights for holding the title of being a Volcom Featured Artist

You can use any art or graphics medium. Just be sure to submit it in the following format:

-16 ½” width x 23 ½” height JPEG format with 300 dpi
*Artwork should incorporate the Volcom stone

VOLCOM T-shirt Design contest4
Bloggers Create their own entry

Upload your piece to http://www.volcomcallforart.com  using the registration form found in the site. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your entry.

All artwork must be in before midnight of October 30. Results will be out by the 2nd week of November so start working on your all-original piece now, ’cause you just might be the next Volcom Featured Artist.

Formal Terms & Conditions

1. The contest is open to Filipino citizens of any age but should be residing in the Philippines.
2. Participants may submit multiple entries.
3. Qualified entries must be a response to the contest theme: “Why are you hurting your neighborhood? What’s wrong with you?” Message is broad, encompassing social, environmental, political and economical issues.
4. Entries may be created in any art or graphics medium (examples but not limited to: water color, computer graphic, paint, color pencil, photo etc.)
5. Entries must submitted in the following format:
• 16 ½” width x 23 ½” height JPEG format with 300 dpi
• Artwork should incorporate the Volcom stone

6. Entries must be submitted through the website http://www.volcomcallforart.com using the registration form found in the site. The participant will then receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the entry.
*Incomplete entries will automatically be disqualified
7. Submission of entries is from September 1 to October 15, 2008 at 12:00 midnight.
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8. Artwork will be judged by Volcom.
9. The winning entry shall be made into a limited edition Volcom t-shirt and sold at the Aloha Boardsports Store and its retail partners. The chosen designer will also receive the following as his/her prize:

• Hold the official title : “Volcom Featured Artist” for the Philippines
• A cash prize of Php 25,000.00
• Volcom merchandise worth Php 10,000
• Media exposure

10. The Winner will be announced via press releases and through the website not later than November 15, 2008.

11. The Winner must submit the actual hard copy of the winning piece upon claiming his/her prize.

12. By joining this contest, the participant shall guarantee that any or all artworks submitted are original artworks conceptualized and created by the sender.

13. The Winner must also agree to participate in any media interviews and pictorials that may be required of him/her as a result of winning this contest.

14. All submitted entries along with its components become property of Aloha Boardsports Inc., and may be used for promotional, publicity, advertising purposes with or without consent from the sender.

15. All employees of Aloha Boardsports Inc., GeiserMaclang Marketing Communication Inc., Creative Juice Communications Inc. and other promo partners/third parties, including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity, are automatically disqualified from joining the contest.

For questions and more information, you may email info@volcomcallforart.com .

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    thanks very much

  • Volcom makes some great shirts already, but this contest will keep them on the cutting edge of the cool stuff to wear.

  • Do you guys make designs for aloha shirts? If so, please let me know, as I’m looking for new designs for my Hawaii wedding and apparel business. Thanks.