San Miguel Oktoberfest Bloggers Night at Taste Asia

Last Friday night was a total blast, Bloggers communed again to celebrate Oktoberfest with overflowing food and beer at Taste Asia. I arrived at exactly 7pm and the area was still clear. After registering, the organizers provided us a raffle coupon, SMB claim stub and name tags. As usual, Shari and Robby (early birds) were already there while other bloggers were just arriving.

San Miguel Oktoberfest @ Taste ASia
San Miguel Oktoberfest @ Taste ASia

Since my companions (Shellaise, Don and Lara) advised me that they will be a bit late, I joined Eric and Doc Tess at the dinner table and had more than enough of my share of Lapid’s barbeque hehe.

San Miguel Oktoberfest @ Taste ASia
Moonstar88 Vocalist

After few minutes, my companions arrived and the crowd quickly started to get bigger and bigger -all waiting for the party to start. While the Plurkers were busy in the wifi area, I accompanied Shellaise, Don and Lara, while I drank San Miguel Oktoberfest Beer, they feasted.

San Miguel Oktoberfest @ Taste ASia
Don, Shellaise and Lara

The party officially started at around 9:30 with a drinking contest which was won by who else? Poyt of After the exhilarating beer drinking contest, Moonstar 88 performed on the stage playing their list of hits which includes Torete.

San Miguel Oktoberfest @ Taste ASia
Robby, Doc Tess, Eric, Faith, Aileen and Jaydj

After Moonstar 88’s super mini concert everyone waited for the raffle draw which officially concludes the Bloggers night event. Shellaise and Mica each won a Creative Zen 1 Gig MP3 player while Kel won a Mike Abunto like Bluetooth headset.

San Miguel Oktoberfest @ Taste ASia
My new Motorola Mobile Phone

I thought that was the end of it, I grabbed another pale pilsen when suddenly everyone’s eye was on me. I then heard Kel calling and chanting my name, Arpee then told me that I won a Motorola phone. Happy and Tipsy, I immediately ran towards the stage to claim my phone, the co-host noticed that my name tag was wrong, she was amused that it read Nina. Oh well, Blame it on Plurkers who started it all, swapping their name tags with friends… beer cant kill the virus haha. Thanks to Taste Asia for the Pig-out and San Miguel Brewery for drowning us with beer and of course to my brand new Motorola Phone (*insert Banana Dance here)

San Miguel Oktoberfest for Bloggers at Taste Asia Photos

Till next…

  • Congratulations! Burger! Burger! Burger!

  • @Aileen – thanks for organizing another succesful event for bloggers! Mabuhay ka!

  • Oi for the record, I did not plurk during that event! It means I was THAT pre-occupied. Heehee. Pa-burger ka naman, nanalo ka na ng cellphone! Grabe na yan!

  • @Poyt – cge pa burger ako sa event ng Burger King wahahaha

  • Wow. Even I can’t get in since they’re too many people in line. I really missed the event. That’s too bad for me.

  • slick prizes. :O seems like a blast, from the pictures.

  • Wow cellphone, pa-burger ka naman! :)

  • @markku – next time punta ka baka sayo yung premyo next event sa Taste Asia

  • You’re so lucky! I got a San Miguel jacket which was three sizes too small for me :(

  • thanks for bringing us to that event.. haven’t gotten around to using the mp3 player…