How to Protect our Eyes from Eyestrain

Most of the time Im in front of my computer browsing, blogging or editing photos and sometimes I cant avoid having an eyestrain. Computer eyestrain is as debilitating to workers and companies as carpel-tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries are. If you work at a computer for more then three hours a day you are likely to have symptoms of eye strain. Here are a quick tips to save your eyes.

  • Blink your eyes: Nature has given human eyes their personal masseur viz. the eyelids. Consciously blinking the eyes instead of squinting will cleanse and give them the required massage.
  • Use glasses: If you have problems seeing but avoid using glasses due to vanity, you are bound to suffer from eyestrain. If your distance vision is good but cannot read up close then it is highly advisable for you to get a good pair of reading glasses to avoid eyestrain. If your distance vision is bad, use of glasses for curing eyestrain is highly recommended.

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  • Good advice. I don’t blink as much as I should. Glasses is definitely the way to go, especially if you have to wear contacts to be able to see. I noticed that working on a computer and wearing contacts was just too much of a strain on my eyes so I switched to glasses, and my eyes don’t get as sore and dry.

  • We have company guidelines for this and they are:
    – Correct distance from eye to screen
    – Take your eyes off your work every 30 minutes to allow your eyes to focus on things further away (relaxes)
    – Don’t try to put wearing glasses off. If you need them, you need them.
    – Drink plenty of water. Dehydration dries our your entire body, including your eyes. They need to moisturized.

  • Hi, what glasses are to be used when using the computer? Just reading glasses without any grade?

  • Dan

    @Rampant Rabbit – making sure you take breaks is a great suggestion. Focusing your eyes on something further away is also great advice.