Buying new Shoes in Manila

Its Christmas time again and everyone are busy buying new clothes, shoes and accessories for the holiday season. Have you ever wondered if there’s a place in Manila where you can buy super discounted shoes? I asked some shopaholic friends and here are the lists of locations where you can find best bargain!

Marikina Shoe Expo aka Cubao X – Originally Marikina Shoe Expo was opened to be a showroom and marketplace for Marikina Shoe manufacturers. Today, aside from few stores that offer Marikina made shoes, Cubao X is now also popular for Ukay Ukay hunters, antique shops, specialty restaurants and Party Places.

Marikina City – Marikina is not the shoe capital of the Philippines for nothing. There was a time, between 1978 and 1982, when Marikina’s women’s shoes and handbags made of snakeskin were the rave on Fifth Avenue, New York City. As early as 1935, Marikina already had 139 shops producing 260,078 pairs of ladies shoes and 86,692 pairs of men shoes worth P762,896.00. And as may as 2,450 inhabitants were directly engaged in the industry either as shoemakers or upper makers. By 1983, Marikina produced 70 percent of the shoe production of the Philippines which was estimated at 30 million pairs.

Even in those days, shoemaking thrived in such distant places as Cebu, Pangasinan, Iloilo and Ilocos Norte. But Marikina was recognized for its superior craftsmanship, and its proximity to Manila gave it a decided advantage.

Cartimar in Libertad – It has been my favorite place in Manila whenever I want to window shop or buy new shoes. Cartimar is located near the Libertad LRT station in Pasay City, you can also walk from the Buendia station and you can easily find this perfect shopping arcade for bargain hunters and for pet lovers as well.

168 in Divisoria – Located in the uber crowded Divisoria, this mall has a huge selection of stores that offers various type of shoes and even the rare 5.11 Boots. Although most of the shoes sold are fake and not as durable as the original, this area is probably the most crowded shopping mall in Divisoria.

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