Apple iPhone 3G : Are you going to buy it?

The Apple Co. always produces innovative and well designed products. There are many products that can make people dramatically change their lifestyle. Let says iPod, Mac, Mac Air and now iPhone.

All of them have a futuristic design as well as superb ability to amaze each gadget enthusiast like me. Can you imagine yourself on a busy day using Apple iPhone 3G? Why do you think a Techie, Fashionista or a businessman should use this phone as their gadget?

Here are some of the answers.

Apple iPhone 3g review

Apple iPhone 3g review

  1.  Faster 3G speed.
    This brand new iPhone 3G uses a HSDPA to download data. Using the 3G technology will make you able to attach email and load web pages two times faster than Edge network. You will get the best speeds possible since this phone able to switches to the best signal you can get. The best part from this iPhone 3G is that you can talk and browse at the same time! You can talk on phone as well as surfing the web, checking email, and using map from your cellular network.

 iPhone in enterprise.
As a businessman, iPhone 3G is the best gadget you could have. With integration from Microsoft exchange, now you can integrate your iPhone with your own corporate environment. You can get email in every format in your iPhone. Then, do not forget to check your schedule with the up-to-the-minute calendar. The contact in iPhone is also more powerful than before since you can even see your customer contact and find it via GPS. This iPhone is also featured with so many enterprise application as well as smarter phone features. In short, the Apple iPhone 3G support businessman with all of their powerful applications.

Maps with GPS.
Now you can see your own locations, get directions, and even now the current traffic! You can also get a better view when you are boring or confuse about where you want to go for holiday. The best part of this iPhone is that you can see the real time traffic information and indicate them with green, red, and yellow highlight to draw the traffic.

App store.
Find and empowering your iPhone 3G with so many custom applications in the application store. Like the other product of Apple, the applications are also amazing. Let says multi-touch interface, GPS, the accelerometer, real-time 3D graphics, 3D positional audio, and many more. Just spend your time in the App store and you will find that your iPhone is the most multitasking gadget you have ever had.

Do you have an extraordinary iPhone experience that you can share?

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  • the iPhone 3G S is the way to go if you want to have the latest iPhone release. It’s definitely worth every penny. Its unctionality and apps have all my positive adjectives:-)

  • The processor is labeled as just a bit recent model number however it and also the GPU are likely the similar pace since the 3GS. The old Contact using the same Processor and GPU as the 3G was faster. Apart from getting the clock speed turned up greater the Touch has much less software programs to run because it?s not a telephone. It should beat any iPhone to day in performance.

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