Adbrite Review : A positive experience with Adbrite (Updated)

I was busy last year and I totally neglected almost all of the checks from several affiliate programs that needed to be deposited. Last friday, I finally got the chance to visit my bank in Acropolis near Eastwood to deposit my affiliate payment checks.

After filling out the deposit form, the bank clerk noticed that two checks from Adbritewere already considered void since it was issued more than 180 days ago and as stated infront of the check, “Checks that are not deposted after 180 days will be considered Void”. I kept the check and decided to email Adbrite Help Desk to check if I can request for a check replacement.

Adbrite Review : A sad experience with Adbrite
Adbrite will re-issue my $295.39 check

It took more than 48 hours before they got back to me only to find out that I can no longer get the affiliate payment and they will no longer reissue another set of checks. Heres the email that I got from them :


Thank you for contacting AdBrite.

We are sorry to inform you that checks that are outstanding after 6 months, from the date of issue, will be voided and ineligible for re-deposit or reissue. You can find our Check Reissue Policy in our searchable FAQ section “Rules & Policies”, or you can visit the following link:

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Kaitlyn A.
AdBrite Customer Support

Lesson Learned?Always deposit checks as soon as you receive them and always read the Rules and Policies of Affiliate Programs.

Two days later, I got anĀ email from Adbrite informing me that the checks will be reissued and it will be added to my affiliate payments next month. Here’s the message :

Hello Ermelo,

You recently contacted us regarding the re-issue of two checks that were greater than 180 days old. We have reviewed the issue further and will reissue the payments.

The amount will be included in the next check cycle. I apologize if this had caused you a negative experience. We appreciate your business, and want you to enjoy your experience with AdBrite.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Patrick S.
AdBrite Customer Support

Lesson Learned? Admit your fault, try to request and escalate the issue in a very professional manner; who knows they may grant your request:)

I was about to remove all the Adbrite Ad placements in all my blogs but after this development, I will definitely use Adbrite more and recommend it to my friends. They still manage to apologize even though It’s actually my fault. I would like to thank Adbrite for being so considerate by reissuing the checks amounting to $295.39, you have proved that Customer Service is King.

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  • Oh no! That is shocking! I mean, how easy would it be just to press ‘Send’ on their little computer and have the system automatically send you another check. They make enough money as it is…

  • In their opinion 6 months seems to be long enough, but a busy person needs more than that.

  • hello melo…

    san ba mas malaking kita na ads? sa google ba or adbrite or other site?

  • Hi sir,

    just to ask if adbrite check must only be deposited?

    did you try to encash the adbrite check with BPI?

    as I learned BPI is a local representative of Wells Fargo Bank
    in the U.S.A. where Adbrite checks come from…

    I am about to received checks from Adbrite 3 months from now
    but I do not have a dollar account in any banks.

    would you try to encash your Adbrite check with BPI sir?
    so that we will know if the check from adbrite can be
    encash over the counter with BPI banks?

    thanks sir.

    • @stentorized – you cannot encash a foreighn issued check as far as I know. I deposit all foreign issued checks on my MBTC Peso savings account and the bank just converts it to Peso.

  • Thank you for your review of the AdBrite program. We appreciate you sharing your opinion and doing the research needed to fairly evaluate the service. Especially focusing on the customer service and payment portion. We have seen fit to link to this article in our independent AdBrite Reviews section. Anyhow, keep up the good work spreading truth.

  • Originally Posted By melo villareal@stentorized – you cannot encash a foreighn issued check as far as I know. I deposit all foreign issued checks on my MBTC Peso savings account and the bank just converts it to Peso.

    hi sir,

    sorry for the late reply. thanks for the tip. I tried to deposit my adbrite check before with my Union Bank Debit Card account the one for Paypal transaction. I was told that I must have to open a dollar account first.

    Anyway, my adbrite will be coming soon I am going to try your suggestion.


  • adbritepays

    adbrite is really cool… I got $387 from them for 3months and now I’m earning atleast $300 per month… Compared to Adsense that pays so little and they even banned me because of unknown reasons… BDO dollar account gmit ko… Initial Deposit is just $200 the lowest dollar account intial deposit in the Philippines. Sa iba kc $500… Adbrite changed my life… Adsense your going down… kung nagadsense kau you’ll notice lower earnings this time because of the economic crisis sa states kaya lower pays per click… Adbrite buhay na buhay… Humayo tayo at magpayaman… Hehe… But seriously, I applaud Adbrite for helping its publishers.

  • I was never a friendof AdBrite, for me, it pays so little, AdSense pays me more, this May I made 450 US Dollar.

  • i have a check with me from adbrite and don’t know what to do with it…correct me if i’m wrong on this one;

    do i have to open a dollar account first then deposit it from there?

    do let me know ur experience..


  • I struggled to get approved by Adsense, Adbrite was my next choice, but I didn’t have a good experience. Read here why.

    All I’m looking for, is a hassle free, good paying Ad network. Is that to much to ask?!