Yahoo! Briefcase online storage service is shutting down on March 30th

Yahoo’s recently announced that Briefcase – its online storage service, which was available online for almost 10 years with capacity of 30MB, is being shut down.

After 10 years of providing the free online storage service, Yahoo informs its users that they have to download or delete their files on or before March 30, 2009 or else the stored files will be automatically deleted.

Yahoo is discontinuing Briefcase because users outgrew it, Yahoo said in a statement. The move will help it to focus on services that are more widely used, according to Yahoo.

As Yahoo ends it Briefcase online storage service, Microsoft now offers SkyDrive, a Windows Live service that offers 25GB of free storage. Google on the other hand is rumored to launch an online storage service called GDrive.

  • Tim

    YAHOO BRIEFCASE USERS: has been the online file storage leader since 1999. FA is perfect for storing, editing and sharing files, operating at 100% uptime. Reliable, stable and fast, for nearly a decade. 10 years of improvement and hardened performance.

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    • Private Sites for Businesses

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  • i don’t see how this can be a wise business decision, it’s just going to make the others of briefcase look elsewhere and possibly leave yahoo all together, they all ready have the service and users in place, why not just increase the storage size and market it.

  • Kashieka

    You can transfer your files from Yahoo!Briefcase here.

  • People are now presented with tons of options when it comes to file storage. They can easily find alternative means of storing their files online, such as keeping their e-mails with attached files thru Yahoo!Mail’s unlimited e-mail storage system, or uploading these files in media sharing sites. There are also newer file storage services out there which make stiff competition for Yahoo!Briefcase. You can read my blog about this move by Yahoo!

  • Bonnie

    Sad to see this service go but it’s true a lot of newer services have beat them. We now have a secure ftp site through and couldn’t be happier with it.

  • You may transferee your charges from hayseed!Briefcase hither.ed.