Sony Ericsson C510 Review

Nowadays every mobile mobile phone manufacturer are sharing their own innovation in the telecommunication field. Almost daily, new products from mobile phone companies are released and it really makes things much easier and simpler to us.

Due to the much advancement in the technology many phenomenal changes are introduced in mobile phone technology. Recently Sony introduced a new mobile phone named Sony Ericsson C510.

In this review we will focus on the features and advantages of this product.

Sony Ericsson C510 Review

Sony Ericsson C510 Review

Sony Ericsson C510 was just anounced couple of weeks ago but this mobile phone model is becoming more and more popular. The handset will become available in a matter of months, maybe one or two, and spec-wise it looks like an interesting cell phone. Te C510 is included in the Cyber-Shot line of Sony Ericsson, and boasts a 2.2-inch QVGA display.

Taking photos and videos is one of its main features, so having a 3.2-megapixel camera with smile shutter surely helps. Other details include 120MB of internal memory which can be expanded thanks to the M2 memory card slot, and an active lens cover to keep everything protected. The C510 is equiped with illuminated imaging shortcut keys and you can upload and download your output from YouTube.

The phone looks very glossy and much attractive too and the phone design phone is not that attractive from me but its not bad at all. Some of the other features of it are Picture light 160 MB in-built memory, Dedicated shutter key, Illuminated imaging shortcut keys, Face detection, Photo fix, Direct blog short cut key, Smile shutter, Illumination by different theme/mode, Print service Snapfish, Blue illuminated imaging short cuts and so on.

The specification given for this mobile is not such a big thing, but this mobile phone will surely become a popular mobile phone for Sony Ericcson lovers. Unlike the Fillipa and Frances, the C510 sports a 3.2mp camera instead of a 5mp with no Xenon Flash so expect nighttime pictures to be blast and darker.

The 160 MB built in memory card my not be helpful but dont worry, the memory card slot is expandable so you can store as many photos that you want to save on your cellphone. If you want to have a compact camera phone, SE C510 is definitely one of your options.