Why Should We Care About Saving Money?

You should care about saving money. It provides protection and security in future need.

It is not always guaranteed that someone will break your fall or catch you up when you need money for something. One should not depend on someone else’s grace forever! You just have to do it on your own.

Unfortunately, not all people see the need to save. They are the ones who call you up out of the blue, never minding if they are interfering with your work and bluntly ask for money, promising to pay you tomorrow.

Mostly, you get stressed out by these people whether you gave in or denied request. But still, they stressed you out and they don’t mind since they are in for a quest to find someone gullible to lend them the money. They just don’t care and I doubt if you want to be this person.

So to avoid stressing other people and cause some buzz around, it is better to fend for yourself. After all, nobody would want to hang out with a person who always asks for money. They avoid them as much as possible, actually you would too.

Rich people got to where they are right now because they saved enough. If you see them spending generously, it is because they saved too much and the money they are spending is actually an extra from their piggy banks, not to mention how hard they worked for it.

This is true with rich people who started from scratch since they know the true value of their money and how their saved money will work for them in the future. They consider their banknotes as investments that grow interests consistently.

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  • I totally agree! People should really know how to save money, what will help them in future (in case of economical crisis). We should know the value of money before spending it.

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  • Money saving is so simple too. It just takes common sense to be frugal, watch where your dollars go, and to keep your eye on your budget. There are so many money savings sites with great tips online on how to save money. There’s basically no excuse. People who do not save money and are always broke really do it to themselves. Often its not always the income that is the problem, it’s the person and how they spend. Do they make their own laundry detergent, pack their lunches??? No… Then they are broke.

  • You are correct. Just who started from scratch knows the value of money.