SM Marikina now offers Mall-Wide Free Wifi Access

As you read this, Im currently enjoying the free Wifi access provided by SM City Marikina. Today, about 300 bloggers will be conducting an official testing of SM’s Free Wifi.

If you are near SM Marikina, you can drop by and bring your Wifi enabled gadget to get a chance to win an Asus Laptop.

Its my second time visiting SM Marikina and for me this is the second best designed SM Mall next to SM Mall of Asia with nice exterior and interior design, spacious hallway and enough parking.

SM Marikina Free Wifi Hotspot
Free Wifi Hotspots in SM Marikina

You can now blog, shop online, make travel and tour arrangements, complete your online business transactions or checkout your Facebook with your friends while you’re malling even when you are far away from your home or office.

Free Mall-Wide Wifi access is another first from SM Supermalls!

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  • Free hotspots rule! It’s not as easy to find malls that are basically pre-designed as Wi-Fi enabled out here in the suburbs of Atlanta (GA). Starbucks is always a reliable place for wireless access, but many times it’s too crowded. Just my two cents.

  • I hope shops at the CyberZone would share their Wi-Fi too! Wish ko lang, lol.

  • Yeah I love free hotspots. Currently here in Vientiane, Laos we only have a handful of places that offer it, mostly restaurants and the connection is rarely fast. There’s been talk of making the entire city a Wimax zone but we’ll see if that happens.

  • Hello Melo, it was nice to see you at SM Marikina, such a pleasant surprise! Great blog you have here! Can’t help but say I wish I had started blogging sooner like you.

  • wow sana sa lahat ng mall ganyan!

  • sean

    Free Mall-Wide Wifi access is another first from SM Supermalls!

    well not really.. robinsons metro east first had that.. free wifi on any floor of the mall… but as more people used it the slower it got… i cant wait to try sm marikina’s wifi before it slows down to due to high usage which im sure will defenitely happen as well.

  • Hmm…. this is a piece of writing I’m willing to take a bullet for. Absolutely hits the mark. I have some minor concerns but I don’t desire to commence a lengthy post and somebody might flame me. Just wish to maintain this blog civil and clean. Wouldn’t like any hatemail would i? lol keep it up!