Whats with the new 13-inch MacBook?

Once again, Steve Job and his Apple Co. launched the newest macbook that has a futuristic design. The brand new 13-inch Apple MacBook offers new design and much more new features. This new release of MacBook is definitely the best Macbook ever.

Why? All the features are engineered to create a new standard of MacBook and once you see one, you will definitely want to have one. Here are four things why this brand new 13-inch MacBook is special.

  • Precision aluminum body.
    It has a pleasing design, made from solid piece of aluminum. The aluminum version of MacBook is designed thinner, light and streamlined in compare to the older black and white version. All features seemed to be carefully crafted to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Superb 13.3-inch LED-backlit display.
    Can you imagine your 13.3-inch Macbook screen with LED-backlit display? It definitely makes the laptop looks so thin. The brightness of the screen and the seamless glass monitor makes everything spectacular.
  • Feels the difference of the graphics.
    Do you love to play games? Well, if you are playing high quality game like Need for Speed Underground, Spore, or Devil May Cry, you absolutely need more than ordinary graphic card. With the new silver colored Macbook, you can get up to 5 times faster NVIDIA graphics performance. The advanced NVIDIA integrated graphics can provide more responsive game play and much more realistic 3D environment.
  • Smooth glass multi-touch track-pad.
    Well, now the track-pad is redesigned with much more room for more finger movements. The entire glass track-pad also works as the button. With the track pads sensitivity, everything seems to easy.

I’m still currently using a black Macbook, I’ll probably post a much comprehensive review once i finally got one but if you are really looking for a professional and functional notebook, MacBook will definitely suit your needs.