Fast Credit Repair Tips

If you are planning to have a credit repair, you should know about FICO. FICO is a type of credit score used for reference by most lending companies. If your score is around 600, you will have a hard time asking for loans and credits.

Even for trying to rent a house, your landlady could ask for your credit report or credit history especially if a referral from your previous landlord is not available. The acceptable score is 723, more or less.

Just by paying bills religiously on or before your bills are due, it will dramatically increase your score by 20 every month. So, if you will keep on doing this for 6 months to one year, you will be in a better ground by then. That is if you have a spare one year to accomplish this task. Make sure that there are no “charge off” status on your credit record since all efforts exerted on your side won’t do any good if there is one.

It is not advisable to add more debts at this time. Your goal is to minimize your debts as much as possible. When you do not have too much credit in your record, your score will increase. If possible, do not give your creditors a hard time looking for you so they will be kind to you if the need arises.

However, if you don’t have the time to take the slow route, then it is best to seek professional help. There are legitimate credit counselors that can help you clear your credit history in record time, with your best interest of course. You just have to find them. These people should know exactly what they are doing and avoid scam counselors as much as possible.