How to import your Blogspot blog to Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Now that you decided to build your own brand by buying a domain name and paying for a web host, your next task is to import and transfer your Blogspot posts into your brand new self hosted WordPress blog.

I recently created a new blog for a book lover and all her post was initially hosted in Blogspot. To transfer all the posts and comments, I first tried the import features in the WordPress admin panel but its not working for me. After hours of searching for a possible solution, I finally found these instructions on how to import files from your Blogspot to WordPress.

I’m glad I found Blogger to WordPress Application– A tool to convert a blogger export file to a WordPress WXR export file.

Heres the Instructions :

  1. Login to your Blogspot account then go to your Settings > Basic > Blog Tools > Export Blog.
  2. Click on Download Blog. It’ll save as an .xml file.
  3. Go to find the .xml file and click Convert. It’ll save as a WordPress.xml file.
  4. Login to your WordPress powered blog, go to Tools > Import > WordPress.
  5. Find the WordPress version of the .xml file you just converted and click Upload File and Import.

Presto! your file is now uploaded on your new self-hosted WordPress Blog. Happy Blogging and start Making Money Online:)

  • Thanks so much for doing this Melo! :)

  • I wonder why wordpress importing didn’t work for you. I have transferred multiple blogspot blogs like this. True that some images etc. have problems but otherwise it’s really good.

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  • such a great information. thanks for sharing.. Keep it up ya