Project Payday : Is It a Legitimate Way to Make Money Online?

If you have been spending time online looking for ways to earn an income, chances are you’ve encountered Project Payday. The program has had its fair share of exposure, thanks to members who promote it to other potential members. But questions have been raised about Project Payday and whether or not it actually pays.

Still wondering if Project Payday is a legitimate way to make money online? Here is a short review to help you decide.

What is Project Payday?
Project Payday is actually a course offered online that provides instructions on how to earn from IFWs or Incentivized Freebie Websites. IFWs are based on the system of affiliate marketing. They provide offers that you can sign up for and you can try these offers yourself and/or promote them to others. For every offer you and your referrals complete, the IFW pays you. You then pay your referrals for their hard work.

How do you earn with Project Payday?
There are two ways to make money online using Project Payday. You can become a seller or a buyer.
As a seller, you become the referral. To earn, you need to find a buyer (and there’s plenty of them). You then agree that you will complete offers for them and with each offer you complete, the buyer gets paid. The buyer then pays you in exchange for your efforts.

As a buyer, you invite sellers or referrals to complete available offers. Once these offers are completed, the IFW will send you the payment and you pay the seller in turn.

There is a third method that allows you to make money online with Project Payday and it could be a good way to earn if you’re competitive. You can work to obtain free prizes, which can include stuff like gaming consoles, software, computers and even big ticket items like plasma TVs. You can keep the prizes for yourself or you could choose to sell them instead.

For many of those involved with Project Payday, prizes are sold or auctioned off, mostly through eBay. You then earn a profit from the sale of a prize that you received for free.

Is it legitimate?
The way Project Payday has been promoting their course makes it seem like there’s something fishy about their method. But if you look closely, all methods are legitimate ways to make money online. The only drawback is that some people find the means to earn rather tedious because in truth, Project Payday does require you to put in effort.

However, if you’re looking for another way to add extra income to your coffers and don’t mind working a little for it, Project Payday may have something to offer to you.