Tips for Finding Home Based Call Center Job Opportunities

Call centers are experiencing a boom worldwide. Thanks to technology, information and the willingness of many business entities to outsource some of their processes, people have had more chances to work from home.

Today, millions of people around the world are employed as call center agents servicing hundreds of thousands of accounts on behalf of corporations.

A percentage of these agents actually work from home. Is this the right job for you? Here are tips for finding home-based call center job opportunities:

Do you have the skills?
Before you make that call or send out your resume, make sure you undertand what the job entails. Home-based call center agents are known as virtual call agents. Their work usually involves customer service, sales and marketing and technical support.

Call center agents are required to have good communication skills, a pleasant speaking voice and, depending on the account you’ll be handling, some experience in the specific field or industry you’ll be assigned to. If you will be working as a home-based call center agent servicing IT accounts, for example, a background in computers and software may be required.

There may also be requirements regarding the language/s you are required to speak, such as Mandarin, Spanish, German, Korean, Arabic and Russian. If some jobs are outbound, you may be required to sell products and/or services through the phone. You are usually paid a commission with each successful sale.

Where to find home-based call center job opportunities ?
There are two major sources of information regarding home-based call center job opportunities. These are: the Internet and companies such as manufacturers or retailers or research firms.

If you know anyone who works as a home-based call center agent, you could also ask them for information on where to apply. If you want to find home-based call center job opportunities online, here are a few possibilities:

You need to be a resident of New York, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Florida to apply. The work is full time but temporary and you are not charged a fee.

Alpine Access
This is a popular company among those seeking home-based call center jobs. There are full-time positions offered but if you wish to work part-time, you need to put in at least 20 hours each week. They will require a background check, though, for which you will have to pay $45.

As an independent contractor for this company, you will be performing customer service (some positions require you to be bilingual), finance-related services and sales. You get paid based on the number of minutes you spend on the phone.

Working Solutions
This company hires on project basis, which is perfect if you only need a temporary gig. To work for them, you need to pass an online test. They send notifications if projects are available that you can work on. They don’t charge any fees and even non-U.S. residents are welcome.

Hilton Hotels (Hilton@Home)
This popular hotel chain hires home-based call center agents to handle sales, reservations and customer care. You will speak mainly with clients and will be paid an hourly rate. There are incentives for sales and you could choose whether you want a full-time or part-time job.

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