How to create a good Search Engine Marketing plan?

You’ve likely read about the things you need to prepare before optimizing your site.  Reading on good SEO tactics can seem like a breeze but when you think of 10, 15 or even 50 pages of text and code that you will need to optimize, you will then realize that the task is not that easy.

It is understood that it may possibly be a totally difficult task to determine where to start on your Search Engine Optimization project specially if you will be starting from scratch. Unlike any other project, the best way to start is to create a good plan which will set your priority.

How to Prioritize your site?

When you’ve been running a shop for a little while, it becomes transparent and obvious that the more visitors you have – the more chances that you get a higher conversion rate from your traffic.

Even if you do not have information about traffic trends that most internet marketers follow, you can utilise a tool (such as Google Analytics) to get information and details(free of cost) on different things like bounce rates and how your visitors navigate your site. What is most significant is that it informs you which pages are gaining the most traffic which only means that the page was extremely useful or it is extremely seo’ed.

The blog component of your site can be turned into another traffic magnet if you implement the right tweaking and seo techniques.

Make a checklist

You need to start by creating a list of pages on your site, according to their importance and SEO potential. Trust me, I know that when you first consider to have a quick look at the list of pages, it appears as though you might never get it done. Sometimes I still feel the same way, but I remember when i started blogging – I always fear that I may not be able to do all the task but i think its all about setting realistic goals.

Who said the world is now paperless? I still prefer for you to create your checklist on a blank worksheet. The spreadsheet will detail the entire individual controls that you would like to go through each page of your plan. Those will be the pages that needs to be optimised and updated with your targeted keyword. You may need to identify the things that needs to be updated like title tags, examine the current keyword, check for broken links etc. We all know that SEO is a complete struggle, you need to start doing everything right. Make sure your content is fresh, relevant, updated and seo optimized.

Keep Your Goals Realistic

Now that you already have your to-do list, you may now start to delegate the task or schedule each task if you will be doing it on your own. SEO is a never ending task but in order to become successful, you have to keep eye on your website and keep track of what needs to be updated since search engines are changing their algorithm regularly.

At the time of implementation of your first search engine marketing plan, you won’t be able to see desired results of what you’ve done for about two to four months. Getting your page in first search result pages cant be done overnight. Just try to keep your content fresh and updated, use relevant keywords, utilize deep linking and update the tags.This will keep your page all the way to the top of the search results. Remember that if you keep your goals realistic, and you follow your game plan… everything will become more and more easier.
Follow up and follow up

Once you’ve acquired your SEO plan for the implementation and maintenance schedule, you must be certain to follow your own schedule religiously. Following the scheduled plan is definitly a whole different story and yes it can be painful specially if this is not the only task you are doing. But as you go along, you will realize that putting your best foot forward will always be a good start. With your own dicipline, your site will continously grow and traffic will sool follow.

If you find that your plan is a bit much, then you would need to rethink about how to implement it. Are you realistic with your goals? Do you have the proper tools and know-how to use them? The one and only person that could keep your site at the top of search results is you and only you. Work your way, but continue to work. Till Next!

  • I am using Google Analytics for my one site, It is wonderful tool for for traffic analysis.
    It show search engine traffic with different regions, reference site traffic and direct traffic…