VoIP Review Sites : Comparing various VoIP Providers

Almost every month, several new VoIP Providers emerge in a promising industry sector which makes each consumer consfused which services to choose. With the current economic crisis, more consumers are switching to VoIP in an effort to save money on utility bills.

VoIP technology is something everyone can benefit from but with to much options to choose from no single provider is right for every customer.

Most VoIP providers have their strengths and weaknesses. VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, has been around for more than a decade but has only come into widespread use within the last 4-5 years.

By transmitting a caller’s voice as packets of data, VoIP can dramatically cut phone bills by providing free unlimited long-distance calling and cheap international rates.

VoIP reviews site rates several service providers in a number of areas, including reliability, sound quality, value, features, and customer service. Additionally, they allow users to write reviews telling of their experiences.

So far, PhonePower, a smaller California-based provider, has come out on top, followed up by some better-known names such as ViaTalk, Packet8, and Vonage.