How to optimize your Adsense Ad Placements?

Everyone wants to make more money online with Adsense but not all of us are earning that much to get motivated. Is it the right time to take it seriously and get paid more than what you are currently getting?

In order to maximize your Adsense Ad Placement, make sure to put the ads in the upper fold of your blog or website. Try to experiment on the font and the color of the link and check regularly which is more effective for you.

Utilizing keywords in your content ascertains what advertisements are positioned on your pages. But the excessive use of keywords may lead to disqualification or you can get banned the Google AdSense program and everything can get worst.

A keyword density of between 3-4% is acceptable according to some SEO forums and that only means you can repeat your keyword 3 to 4 times for a hundred words in your page content.

Providing valuable content which is suitable for your visitors is important. Using keywords to create content that can’t be understood will make your blog look spammy to human readers and search engine robots. Make sure that your content is specific and extremely helpful to your readers.

To monitor your Adsense earnings per placement, make sure to create channels in order for you to know which of your ads are effectively placed. Over time you’ll be able to acknowledge what colors, ad placement positions and keywords work best for your site.

  • Stu

    I’ve found that the better blended the ads are, the more clicks they get.

    The problem is that this opens up the debate as to whether you’re deceiving your readers into clicking them. What do you think, can you go too far in ad blending?

  • Well you are right. We must never stop experiments with adsense. But we must make sure that these experiments are allowed and accepted by adsense program policies. Adsense has a wafer thin patience when it comes to violations. Now the color and font size are very simple experiments we can use to blend the ads with the content of our advertisement. Placing the ads at the top does increase the chances of clicks. Excessive use of keywords is a problem for adsense because it delivers the advertisement according to the keywords if finds inside the content. Too many un related keywords would confuse it.

  • Hi,
    I really liked the points you mentioned in the post. As you rightly said that place the ad in the upper fold of the blog or website. The fonts and colours should be very attractive. the most important thing is content should be specific and extremely helpful to the reader.
    Thanks a lot fir sharing your views…Nice work.

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