Do it Yourself Web Promotion

Overview – Almost two decades back, TV and the print media ruled the world of advertising and marketing, but nothing has revolutionized it the way Internet has. Thanks to the Internet we are now able to promote our business ourselves.

Tools – Now we have businesses promoting their services and products themselves on the Web using various tools like Social networking sites – Facebook or Tweeter , Blogs , build your webpage yourself software and HTML generators. The concept of self promotion on the web is turning self employed professionals into entrepreneurs.

There are sites that educate such entrepreneurs into what kind of catch phrases to use while promoting their business, to ensure that their own site shows up in the list of Web sites, anytime, anybody googles for the catch phrase.

Tools which help you create Websites, and adding the URL automatically to various classified Ads sites such as the indigenous, are constantly growing in popularity. There are also great “self help sites” and tutorials which help you to create your own web site using user friendly HTML generators and adding them to the classified ads sites for a nominal price.

Who benefits from this?
In the time of receding recession, when funds are scarce, the ones who benefit most from the self promotion boom are the small to medium sized businesses. They would rather funnel their funds into their businesses but would not like to cut back heavily on their advertising and marketing activities for paucity of funds.

People in Arts – authors, art dealers and artists have found an exciting new way of marketing their creativity without falling into the conventional trap of agents while reaching out to the ever growing market of online users. A great example of such promotion is the collaboration between the giant and iUniverse which has come up with a self-publishing model where the author takes control of his/her publishing and marketing rather than be at the beck and call of any agents or publishers. There is a whole online community of self promoting artists who take tips from self promotion gurus like Ilise Benun who is among the many who have written books on how to self promote art online.

Travel companies tie up with not just classified ads sites, but also airline companies who promote them on their booking sites. Easy to make Flash software “cards” which can be plugged into an ad rotator like Web page component help even the smallest travel companies into displaying their services in just about any site. Of course, entrepreneurs who do not have any resources to fund their marketing can benefit substantially from the self promotion tools and tips.

When is it a success?
Your self- promotional efforts are a success if and only if, it has achieved the goal of getting you the business that you need. And how do you know that you have succeeded in your promotion? Well, one dead giveaway is when you get to be part of the community you wished to belong to and you are able to add value to it. If you succeed in this you will most likely be able to target the right set of people with your services or products.

This article has been done by Joanna who has been with web hosting search – hosting guide on the net managed by a team of hosting nerds, over 2 years now and part of web industry from quite sometime now.

  • Good article. Its very important to reach out to the ever growing market of online users and if you dont your competition will.

  • Its right that social network tools are very beneficial for web promotion.

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  • You’re completely right for everything! We can no longer say that the Internet is future of business ! Internet is the present of modern business and communication!
    Man must be in the course of events and has to move with the times!

  • This is great especially for new bloggers or website owners that need help.

  • Internet marketing is no doubt a great future of the online promotion for a business. It doesn’t require an agency or the agents to promote your products or the services. A business owner or a person can individually promote its product with the help of social media sites. And can reach to the million of users at the same time.

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    Its a good thing that the internet give small entrepreneurs a chance to set up a business without putting them into endless debt.

  • It is right! The social network is strong tools for make web promotion.

  • The internet can be a cheap way to market your company and products but you will need to put the time in to get your site ranked well in the search engines.

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