Advantage of getting Vocalocity PBX

Vocalocity hosted PBX is an affordable, feature-rich, no-maintenance business VoIP phone solution that can be set up in minutes. Unlike expensive traditional systems, hosted pbx business VoIP phone solution ties together high quality voice services and features at a very affordable price.

Vocalocity Hosted PBX uses VOIP technology—in other words, your phone service is delivered over the internet.

No need for additional manpower to maintain the phone system and definitely no need for software engineers as everything will be maintained by Vocalocity.

Are you encountering problems with installing a traditional business phone system? That closet-full of equipment you’ll need to lease, install and maintain.

With Vocalocity PBX, you won’t need any of that equipment. And you’ll get a phone system that’s advanced, reliable, flexible, simple, cost-effective—and ready to go in about 15 minutes.

  • You don’t need any equipment—we host all of that for you off-site.
  • You work with just one company, instead of two or three.
  • You pay one flat fee per user, regardless of time on the phone.
  • You can be set up with Vocalocity Hosted PBX in minutes.
  • There’s no contract to sign. Stay with us because you want to—not because you have to.
  • Most businesses save from 50-85% over traditional phone costs.

As your Hosted PBX provider, they will assign a personalized managers for each customer for consistent, knowledgeable, and timely customer support.