Best Webhost for your self hosted WordPress Blog

Blogging in one of the fastest and easiest way to market your product online. It enables you to reach your potential buyers, investors and repeat customers.

Today, blogs are mainly used for online marketing and not only as a personal web log. Blogs are now being used to promote businesses, services and products via search engine optimization and Social Networking.

But before you start blogging, the first thing you need to do is to search for a web host that is reliable and compatible with WordPress.

I used to use Go-Daddy on some of my blogs but I find it too expensive since Im currently maintaining more than 20 blogs. In choosing a Web Hosting company, try to search for one that specifically cater for WordPress blogs.

Check out if they are using Cpanel as a webhosting tool. In Cpanel, they have a Fantanstico feature where you can easily install WordPress after adding the domain name on your web hosting account.

If you are still searching for the right web hosting company, you need to take in consideration all the ‘specialized features’ offered by the webhost.

The main factors to consider before you buy a hosting package are: reliable technical support, one click WordPress installation via CPANEL, WordPress themes availability, wordpress optimized servers, unlimited disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth.

  • I agree with you. However, in the back of my mind, I always ask myself what we are defining as a business.

    There are businesses whereby a person is one of a million selling teashirts, and then there are businesses where the service or product being offered is the result of a lifetime of effort and experience.

    All too often, I find that persons claiming to be consultants are folks who, for example, for the past few months have taken a state mandated license or have learned a canned presentation.

    That kind of consulting is difficult to sell, simply because it is usually not based on personal experience over the years, and not based on solid learning.

    The bottom line for me is that, when someone tells me they are in business, I am looking for true expertise, hard earned knowledge.

    If, someone tells me, for example, that they are a wine expert, I will ask a couple of testing questions, like, 1) What kind of soils are best for the production of a Merlot, and where might those be found? Or, 2) What effect does a dry summer have on the grapes of Burgundy? I can tell right away if this expert is someone who has spent time reading wine labels and presto is a self proclaimed expert, or is actually someone who is an expert worth listening to.

    The problem is that most “experts” who open a business on the net are not experts at all. They are merely people who understand a bit about using blogs to sell. To me, that is not a firm foundation for long lasting success.

    I can certainly understand coming out of college being in debt and not knowing too much. And, there are literally millions of these kids every year who have been duped by our college system, paying high priced bad teachers for wisdom that became outdated in 1960.

    On the other hand, even with this very fast internet community, we need to realize that true wisdom and knowledge is earned. It is not a quick thing like most things in our society.

    So, our young people need to be satisfied with rewards that parallel their earned knowledge. Everything else is actually a con game.

    Love your blog, and I wish everyone success, “hard” earned success.


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  • i think my biggest mistake when I started was believing a false review from some hosting affiliate. I guess there’s always a first time :-)

  • CPANEL is the main tool in web-hosting services which provide all the tools related to managing WordPress hosting….And yes i also think Go-Daddy is a bit expensive so we can look for another web hosting provider.