Ink Cartridges : To Refill or not to Refill?

Many of us are using a personal printer along with our own computer at home for a number of reasons.

In this almost paperless world, we still need to print some documents which we usually called “black and white” for legal and or documentary purposes.

Purchasing a printer means you will become a consumer of one of the most expensive consumables – ink cartridges. Ink Cartridges that are directly produced by the printer manufacturer can be very expensive and many of us are now using compatible printer inks that are usually refillable.

Some of you may have asked it already but Are you going to buy a Refill or a Brand new Canon Ink Cartridges replacement ink?

Probably one of the reasons why some are hesitant on buying refills are the possibility that the cartridge may destroy the printer itself while some thinks that refills have low quality compare to the original replacement from the manufacturer.

For personal use, Ive been using refills but I have never encountered any problem with the cartridge nor any negative effect to the printer by using a replacement cartridge.

I guess the important part is that using a refilled ink is just a matter of choosing the best supplier. Don’t go to the super cheap re-fillers coz super cheap are really really cheap:(

  • I always hate printers. After the first change of ink they stop working that well. It’s more recommend to replace the cartridge i think.

  • ive refilled my toner cartridges for years, i just use the DIY refill kits to make a hole, pour toner into the cartridge and then seal the hole. after a couple of life cycles, u need a new cartridge.

  • I woudn’t recommend relling cartridges, HP have actually had an independent study conducted that showed 72% of refilled cartridges failed!