Teaching Your Children about Personal Financial Management – Tips to Follow

In order to achieve family financial freedom, it is recommended that parents must teach their children personal financial management from the very beginning of their lives.

If parents would teach personal financial management to their children from the very beginning, then their children would be able to achieve financial freedom in their future with ease.

In this piece of writing, I have decided to share some tips which each and every parent can follow in order to teach their children about personal financial management.

1. Narrate Them the Importance of Budgeting – Budgeting is considered as a core aspect of personal financial as well as family financial management.

Narrate the importance of proper budgeting to your children from the very beginning. The best way to narrate your children the importance and art of making proper budgeting is by preparing your monthly budget in front of your children.

After a few years, allow your children to take part and help you out in making family budget.

This way, your children will show keen interest in personal financial management from the very beginning of their lives.

2. Tell Them to Stay Away from Debts – Debts are something which is considered as a core aspect or the reason behind the failure of personal as well as family financial management.

For the better financial future of your child, you must teach your child the negatives of debts from his/her early days. You must also not use credit card in front of your child as well.

As it is said that children adopts from their parents, so if you would avoid making use of the credit card in front of your child, he/she would never force you to use credit card for his/her personal concerns in the future.

3. Teach Your Children the Art of Savings – You must teach your children how to save money from their early days. For the purpose, you can make the pocket money of your children as a base to teach the art of savings to them. For instance if you are giving $50 pocket money to your child for a week then tell him/her to restrict his/her spending which must not exceed the figure of $50 on weekly basis. While at the same time, let your child know that if he/she would be able to save $10 on weekly basis then he/she would be able to save $40 every month.

Tell your child that, with the saved $40, he/she can enjoy whatever thing he/she wants to enjoy. This way, your child would learn to save money from the very beginning of his/her life.

  • thanks for this post.. I never really thought children at young age needed to be disciplined about money. Now I realize!

  • I like your point of view. you mentioned a great tips also ; but Is it really neccessory that children should know about all those things in their small ages I mean they can learn it afterwords also na. I am confused…

  • Sam

    Thank you for those tips! One other piece of advice I have is to pay your child a small sum for small tasks like cleaning a room or walking the dog in addition to their allowance to teach them that money doesn’t just grow on trees and that they appreciate it’s worth. They’ll think twive about spending too much when they have a sense of how hard-earned it was!