Torque E35 Mobile Phone Review

Ever since the invention of the cell phone there has been a debate about whether or not kids should own one. Personally I have noticed that as the demand increases, the people who want them seem to be getting younger every day.

These days it is not uncommon to see kids carrying their own cell phones whether it is to play music, browse the net or what have you. I haven’t really decided myself if it’s appropriate, kids have a tendency to “break” small items quite easily, but it really does boil down to a safety issue I suppose.

When selecting a starter cell phone, age appropriateness, safety, and affordability all come into play. Amongst the thousands of cell phones suggested, the Torque E35 I believe would also probably your best bet. The Torque E 35 is a very inexpensive cell phone made in China taking the money factor out of the equation.

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Torque Smallest Mobile Phone

You don’t have to worry about carrying around and losing an expensive cell phone at the same time, making yourself less attractive to thieves.

The unit features a single ultra slim and ultra compact design and is SMS capable. The LCD screen is 1.3’’ B/W FASTN at 96×49 pixels. For its price of P999.00  it’s not going to have all the bells and whistles of newer fancier models though you will be delighted to note that it does come with an alarm, calculator, and calendar and SIM tool kit. Purchased new it comes with a twelve month warranty for the handset and six months warranty for accessories. The torque E35 comes in blue, green, purple, red and yellow.

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Lightest Mobile Phone from Torque

Torque offers consumer electronics and cell phones that feature smooth and functional designs with up to date features at very competitive price points. Their objective is to improve the buyer’s lifestyle while maximizing the value for money.

I was not able to get the preferred color that I want (black and yellow) since there’s no stock available when I arrived at the store in SM Sta. Mesa. Im now using it with my 3rd simcard from Sun Cellular. Will I recommend it? Of course Yes!

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