Great Gifts for Fathers Day 2010

Father’s Day is right around the corner and many folks are already on the lookout for that perfect gift for dad. Buying a gift for a father is not too difficult, but buying something he will really appreciate can be. Here are a few suggestions for unique gifts that should score well.

A Day on the golf course. Even if your dad is not a golfer, it is pretty much impossible for a man to not appreciate a day on the green with his friends. Golfing is one of the most relaxing things that a dad can do. So, book a tee time for your dad and three friends and watch his face light up with joy.

Find out what sports your dad likes or and pick up a couple tickets to a game. Father’s day is in the middle of baseball season, so you can start there.

Most any event will probably suffice, but try and make it special if at all possible. Make sure you get a pair of UFC MMA Fight tickets too so hopefully he will bring you along!

Another idea is to give your dad a day of relaxation and stillness. If there are kids in the house, arrange for them to be gone, for an entire day. That way, your dad can decide to spend the day as he chooses whether that be watching, napping or curling up with a great book.

Father’s Day is really all about taking it easy for dads. Dads love to build things, so how about giving dad a power tool?

That would surely be a big hit. Just make sure it’s a great tool and one that ne needs and one he doesn’t already have. If you are not sure, why not get him a gift card for Home Depot or Lowes?

This way he can make the selection that is absolutely perfect for him. When you break it down, Fathers Day gifts are pretty to easy to come by when you think of the things that dads love to do.

Watch sports, build and fix things, and relax. Stick to these themes and you are guaranteed to pick a winner.