iPhone 4 is now Available!!

The communication masterpiece iPhone 4 is all set to change the rules of the game. The best in class device was launched On June 7, 2010 in San Francisco.

The pre-booking for iPhone 4 would commence from June 15, 2010 and customers will get their hands-on iPhone 4 by June 24, 2010.

The marvel phone is embedded with best in class features and redefining engineering. Some of the smartest iPhone 4 features are as below:

• iPhone 4 has dual integrated cameras one in front supports VGA mode. The backlit camera is LED display enabled with 5 MP resolutions.
• iPhone 4 has a stainless band around it which serves the purpose of an integrated antenna.

iphone 4 manila
iPhone 4 available in Manila?

• Thickness of iPhone 4 is about 9.7 inch viz. 25% sleeker than iPhone 3GS
• One can record and edit HD videos on iPhone 4 in just about no time. The smart autofocus feature can be used to focus on foreground or background in no time. Users can finish the movies from recorded video using iMovie app. The app can be downloaded from Apple’s app store in $4.99
• iPhone 4 has the feature of video calling viz. Powered through Face Time technology. With the help of simple taps, users should be able to make video calls and chat along in real time. Users will not be required to download any third party app for making such calls.
• The new iPhone, iPhone 4 is powered on iOS4 which has been designed to support high class Multitasking features. One can play the music and browse at the same time, even play games or check the weather updates or track locations on map on the go in a blink of an eye.
• The Retina display in iPhone 4 provides most vivid resolution to one and all. The resolution base is 960 X 640.
• The battery life of iPhone 4 is far better and longer than its predecessor iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 can support up to 7 hours in 3G talk and 14 hours in 2G talk. When used in Wi-Fi mode it can support till 10 hours and while used in music mode it can provide 40 hours of battery back-up.
• On the price front, iPhone 4 looks attractive too. It is available in 2 models – 16GB and 32GB. The 16GB model is available for $199 while the 32 GB model can be bought in $299.

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  • Max

    I have to admit that iPhone 4 looks great, but i would have expected a bigger touch screen.

  • iPhone 4 is a new generation of mobile phone. Smartest iPhone 4 have different feature. Its give more power to a mobile phone user. We can use all 3G feature with this.

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  • That is crazy thin. I think I’m best staying with my 3g so i don’t accidentally snap it in half.

  • Looking forward to this phone, but that photo is not actually the iPhone 4.

  • Steve

    Although this article is two days after the iPhone 4 was released, it needs clarification. Some of the info is misleading/incomplete.

    The iPhone 4 is indeed going to be available for reservation on June 15th but it’s not worldwide. And neither is the release on June 24.

    I don’t know what you want to mean by “LED Display Enabled”.

    The ability to play music while browsing was already present in previous gen iPhones.

    The pricing has not changed from the iPhone 3G. And you forgot to mention you are required to sign up for a two year contract with AT&T.

    The image you have on your page is not the iPhone 4.

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  • Nice… Apple has made efforts to hide some of the actual tech specs of the device from consumers.

  • But the antenna issues…

  • rhoby

    where can i buy an iphone4 and how much

  • david

    Hi i am selling Brand New iPhone4 16Gb

    Factory Unlocked. Can be used with any network simcard.

    Price is at 40,000 php.

    Meet up at metro manila areas when buying.

    Text me at 09228885765
    or email me at thecuteman23@yahoo.com

  • magytan

    hi! I’m selling brand new iphone 4, worth 45k only. pls. pm me, 09228173452.

    Magy :)

  • iPhone 4 is a new generation of mobile phone. It is a provide many service and feature compare then another mobile phone and i like to use the iPhone 4.

  • iPhone 4 is a bit disappointed. it has useful options and features but i the issue is the “antenna”.