How SEO can help you make Smarter Bucks

Amongst various tactics to make money online, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in fact one of the most sought out for. Millions of website designers and marketers implement SEO techniques to drive traffic and make their online content more visible online. A layman can easily work around with popular SEO techniques and make handsome amount of money in no time at all.

Marketers should concentrate on their niche specific keywords and maintain a keyword density of at least 5%.

To put in simple words, a given keyword X should be featured 5 times per 100 words throughout the content. This can feature the site higher in search engines when the keyword X is searched for. It is ideal to input rich keywords in the content while trying to work around with SEO techniques.

Ad links can also be placed on SEO sites in order to draw substantial traffic base. As a result, generating revenue becomes a lot easier through such tactics. One can place these links in pretext of actual content and anticipate clicks from the users which will generate ad based revenue for them.

Keyword stuffed content has higher credibility and value compared to the ordinarily written content. The general audience is more interested in the actual keywords and their overall usage on each article. SEO plug-ins and other smarter techniques can also be used to implement SEO seamlessly in each website or blogs being developed.

One can also consider reselling the SEO enriched sites to third party buyers that are searching for a popular site in search engines. The rich keyword stuffed content can be sold in some forums too. Therefore, making smarter bucks with SEO content is pretty easy and simple. Anyone with minimal knowledge can definitely make smarter money.

  • Eduard – People Skills Decoded

    I think using a keyword 5 times in 100 words is overdoing it. You don’t need that big of a density to rank well and search engines may decide that word is spam, and ignore it altogether.

  • Paul

    I am making my internship as a SEO in a german company, and i can say that THIS is really the FUTURE…you cant really imagine the money my company makes selling good SEO to other companies…

    Thanks for your site!!


  • jeffrey78

    Thanks for sharing, SEO is hard work and bored :(

  • reaquel

    i am totally agree with you. this article is really nice. in recent time seo is must from every field because competition is too tough and sustained in market its very tough only one way can we survive and limelight among the world and its seo.

  • Bent

    SEO is very importen part of being on the internet. It is a shame that companies spend a lot of money for great sites, but forget the SEO, so now one sees it.

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  • Hi Melo,
    I didn’t know you could sell your keyword rich sites to a third party and forums.
    Thanks for sharing a very informative article.

  • Hangers

    I agree with you. SEO techniques are a great way in making your website more visible online. I also read one blog selling SEO enriched sites. In general, online marketing is a good way to earn money!

  • This is true, I have just sold my keyword friendly blog for $350, and to be honest I wasn’t even working too heavily on it! SEO does pay out well, ask me if you don’t belive it!

  • SEO is king! The long tail you create with seo is of huge value when you develop a site for the long stretch.

  • Very good points about the 5 keywords per 100 lines of content. Oftentimes the sites that are dinged by Google tend to keyword stuff to their heart’s content, making the content not only unreadable, but extremely spammy.

  • Keyword stuffing doesnt really work as well anymore in my opinion. You’ll still need to get maybe 2% or 3% but now original content is more important. The priorities in my opinion would be to feature the keyword in the title, the first or second sentence of the article and in a subheading. Then just sprinkle it wherever else.