Real Thrills Make For A Happy Holiday

Business is really booming in the Philippines thanks to a strong economy that has kept the peso pegged to the top numbers, the low inflation and interest rates, and a population that is working hard and spending big. The Philippines is the right place for entrepreneurs to be this holiday season because of the impressive economy. Those who can harness the power of social media, find the right products, and maximize the force of the internet and social media should manage to have a happy holiday indeed.

One of the things that has folks happier than ever is the low interest rates on loans. Not only are the demands high but the terms are right and that makes for a better holiday for everyone. As one example, BPI Family Savings Bank (BFSB) Ka-Negsosyo Loan has been changing their pacakages (and not just under the tree) to increase the benefits for borrowers in the hot holiday market.

This means that those who want to do some holiday upgrades to their business or end of the year home improvements can easily borrow one million to fifteen million pesos and not have to worry about predatory rates.

BFSB is calling the special loan package the Ka-Negosyo Real Thrills Promo and it is available from through December 31, 2010.

This incredible promo translates to instant freebies (such as gizmos and appliances) which will automatically make your micro or small business more viable and able to compete. The deadline for the loan applications is December 15, 2010 and claims run until Feb 28, 2011.

An example of the Real Thriill… when you borrow 1-2 million pesos you get a seven cubic foot refrigerator. 2-5 million peso loans get your a brand new netbook. 5 million o r more gets you a 32” LCD TV and DVD. Pretty nice gifts for under the tree!
The full details of the BPI Family Savings Bank’s Ka-Negosyo Real Thrills Promo are available at any branch of BFSB or at their website at Now is the time to get that loan and enjoy some holly jolly Christmas thrills too.

  • not just philipines asians market are growing faster than ever

  • I guess it’s time to move to the Philippines.

  • are they reliable?

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  • Agreed! The Philippine’s is definitely on the ‘up and up,’ so to speak. The latest economic reports are saying that the Philippine’s GDP grew 7% last year, which outpaces that of the US and Europe. This is great news for the Filipino people and the country’s economy! As long as the country’s international trade continues to improve concurrently with that of the economic recovery of its major trading partners, economic growth should continue. Mabuhay Pinoy!!

  • Well…looking forward that the business industry at the Philippines will boost even more not only at the Phil but also at the neighboring countries. All is well…

  • the economy of the Philippines is growing rapidly. I attended a conference on tourism in Italy, and between the new markets of great interest, there was the Philippines

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