How Can I Make Money from Social Media Sites

Social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace can offer best in class money making avenues to one and all. Users can endlessly market their products and services on these enormous and ever growing social networks in a smarter manner. The online business can be promoted on these networks to promote sales, awareness and to generate unique traffic.

One of the smartest tricks which can be implemented by business managers is to use the web link in each and every post they make on these social platforms. These can be easily followed by the readers and clicked in no time.

As a best practice one should include pictures and videos in posts to maximize the chances of getting clicks. One can offer discounts and specialized services to the users in Facebook or Twitter.

Some specialized promo codes can be offered to them on the go in no time at all. These smarter tactics can in fact be instant hit amongst the readers and chances are that if the product or services are worthy enough these will be referred by them to their friends and family. One can get to earn endlessly from social networks if meaningful tweets and information is shared with the users on the go.

In order to benefit from social sites in a greater manner one should post informative and sensible content on these platforms. Viewers are interested in best in class solutions at competitive pricing. If your services or products can offer these then you are sure to make an impression in the longer run in just about no time at all in a seamless manner all the time.

One should be careful while trying to make money online through social sites. Spam posts and sheer attempts of only promoting the e-business would do no good, the mantra is to socialize.

  • Hello Melo,
    You have some good tips here. It’s always good to find some advice that I wouldn’t think of myself at some point.

  • Totally agree, many people are all to interested in just spamming sites and duplicating content so the users don`t get any real value.

    Nice article.

  • Yes putting the right content to reach your target audience is the number one rule of thumb to being successful in the social network business. There are literally tens of thousands of untapped basically niches that you can use to make massive amounts of money…

  • Sam

    Facebook and twitter are ok.. But myspace ? None of my friends update myspace anymore

  • I think in Social media sites an occasional link may be okay but like your article says, it’s important to socialize and not just promote yourself without without any real interaction with your friends and followers. You’re absolutely right in that you don’t want to be seen as a spammer.

  • Thanks for the great tips! There is a lot written about social media sites and I think like you said, the key is to post useful information. People are tired of seeing all the spam that is around. If people see spam info they move on very quickly…

  • HI,

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll Try to promote my business in social media sites

  • My experience with social is you first need to establish branding, before making an offer. If you are looking for real promotion, it should be the best promo at the moment. You can leverage your previous marketing with social.

  • Couldn’t agree more with you Melo. I think the issue with SM is that people want the proof that it can make you money and want the results but it doesn’t work that way, it takes time to build up your SM reputation just as it takes time to build a brand.

    You need to be genuine, and dedicate time to updating your profile and providing good content, you have to really earn those ‘likes’ and re tweets. I think that is why so many success stories come from small, independantly owned businesses who have really commited to the process.

  • I know a lot of people using Facebook to sell stuff especially direct selling. It gets annoying when people repeatedly tags you on the same product everyday.

    I follow a T-shirt printing company on Twitter and they are fun to follow because they tweet their inspirations or their processes or whatever they were doing at that moment.