What is Free Poker Money?

What is free poker money? Well, there could be a few answers to this one. It might be money you win in a poker game, it could be money that you’ve kept free to play poker with, or it might be money that someone gives you because they love the way you play poker.

Chances are though, that the answer you are looking for is not any of the above. In the broadest sense, free poker money is a promotional tool used by online casinos and gambling sites which encourages you to sign up for their gambling services.

Whether you prefer to play the online slots, the Texas hold em tournaments, or to go to the big multi game gambling sites, you should definitely be aware that the online gaming industry wants you to sign up to their site instead of to the competitors sites. As a result of this, if you don’t take advantage of the great promotions they offer to get you onboard, you are giving up free poker money, plain and simple.

An example would be this. Imagine you go to an online gaming site and you want to start gambling. It’s not like a casino in Vegas, because the online world is filled with fraud and people who cheat and it isn’t possible to always see who is coming into the virtual casinos, there is usually a verification process to make sure you are who you say you are. Using your credit card or bank account, you make a deposit into a virtual casino account.

Let’s say for example that you deposit $500 into a casino account, a good example of free poker money would be that they would give you anywhere from $200- $500 in free poker money as a bonus for signing on. The reason they can do this is because they can be reasonably sure that you won’t win. Of course you might, but there is a reason why casinos are rich. So, when you sign up for the free poker money, make sure that you use it smartly and you might just be a winner.

  • Things are really on the net this days and even poker is online, I did win before playing online poker and keep me addicting specially when you win.