Samsung Galaxy Note : Is it a Phone or Tablet?

The Samsung Galaxy Note is sort of like a big giant smartphone – or is it a tablet? It’s actually hard to draw the line. The new model GT-N7000 is hard to classify. While you can put a SIM in it and you can use it as a tablet, in fact – it’s really neither. It’s something else entirely. Samsung has blurred the line and while some will call this a Frankenstein’s monster, the truth is that it brings some of the best of tablets and phones into play in one device.

Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note Reviews

Samsung itself calls it a Smartphone, but that’s not entirely correct because it has more functionality and size than any other smartphone on the market. Not to mention, it will defy most pockets as it is just too large for most of them. With a 5.29 inch display and weighs a whopping 178 grams. That makes it considerably larger than anything else out there. Except for tablets that is.

It feels very strange to hold it up to your ears. Like using a window for sunglasses. But, and the but is important – there is a reason for it’s size. The display is nothing less than remarkable with an HD Super Amoled driven visual display that puts every other smartphone to shame. With WXA 1280 x 800 resolution and more than 285 pixels per inch, it shows colors, photo and video with acuity that is just awesome.

Samsung Galaxy Note Features
Samsung Galaxy Note Features

The Galaxy Note also has a better stylus interface than any of its peers. The Smart Advanced Pen (S Pen) is much better than poking about with your fingers on your iPhone.In fact, the S Pen allows you to actually draw – so for artists this might be the ultimate tool. The harder you press, the thicker the lines – just like with a pencil or pen. For those who enjoy note taking this is a huge advance.

The downside is that there aren’t a whole lot of apps for the S Pen yet. But, I think that will change with time. One great app is the S Memo which allows you to draw, take notes, and write on the top of pictures. You can use different colored inks… and get this. Press the button on the S Pen and it will freeze the screen so you can scribble on it.

Overall – if you want something that fits in your pocket. This isn’t for you, but if you are a note taker, college student, artist or love to watch video on your device but don’t want a full blown tablet – this is probably perfect for you.

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