Holiday Extras Prove the Value of the Customer with the Holiday Extras Customer Awards

It is nice to know that there are still companies out there who recognise the importance of the customer and this is the case with Holiday Extras. They know that the customer is king and when many companies forget this, the fact that Holiday Extras keep it right at the top of their list of priorities means a lot to the people who use their site.

Holiday Extras prove just how important customer opinion is to them with their Holiday Extras CustomerAwards. The awards have been in place for three years and every year they are growing in popularity with more and more people voting each year and with new and interesting categories being added as each year passes.

This year two new categories were added and these were the categories for the best travel guide publisher which was voted by the customers of Holiday Extras to be the Lonely Planet guides. The second category was for the most inspirational travel film and this was won by the ever popular film Shirley Valentine.

Other categories looked at the type of service that was given to passengers who may be needed a little additional help when they were travelling. The category for the most helpful airline for those travelling with babies and also the most helpful airline for those who are travelling with a disability were both won by Virgin Atlantic.

This year 66,000 people in total voted in the Holiday Extras Customer Awards and this figure is triple the number of people who voted last year. The way that these awards are gaining momentum just goes to show just how there was a gap in the market for such an event in the travel industry.

Here are the people that Holiday Extras awarded as the best in 2011:

– Best Airline: Emirates
– Best Airline Cabin Crew: Emirates
– Best Airline for Value for Money : easyJet
– Best Airport: Belfast International
– Best Airport Car Park: Edinburgh Park and Fly
– Best Airport Hotel: Gatwick Sofitel
– Best Airport Hotel Restaurant: Manchester Premier Inn
– Best Airport Lounge: Edinburgh Servisair
– Best Airport Hotel for families: Manchester Premier Inn
– Best Airline for Travelling with Babies: Virgin Atlantic
– Best Airline for Travellers with a Disability: Virgin Atlantic
– Most Inspirational Travel Film: Shirley Valentine
– Best Travel Guide Publisher: Lonely Planet

The refreshing way that the winners have been chosen means that there is no room for hiding behind industry bias with these awards, as it means that there is there are no fat cats that are sat in their offices choosing who they think should win. This is what makes the awards so powerful, as it means that they are honest and based on truthful opinions.