Motorola Photon 4G Review

Motorola is well-known for producing high-quality Android smartphones – ever since they released the Motorola Droid, one of the most popular Android smartphones, they have been gaining a lot of customers and a lot of popularity on the market. In fact, it was the Motorola Droid that brought them back from the brink and helped them start generating profits again. The Droid X was also a success, and its successor the Droid X2 is now being touted as one of the best big screen Android phones.

buy Motorola Photon 4G
Motorola Photon 4G

A few months ago, Motorola surprised everyone by releasing the innovative Atrix, a smartphone that has a secondary operating system in addition to Android, which is used to power a special netbook dock or even a full desktop set up for Web browsing, watching videos, listening to music, editing documents and doing a lot of other work that would otherwise require a full-fledged computer. The Atrix is already available for sale on AT&T in the US and a few European networks as well.

A redesigned Atrix for Sprint

Sprint has also been one of the unexpected companies that surprises everyone this year with their unique and pretty attractive offers, starting with the Kyocera Echo and ending with HTC Evo 3D. And now they have announced that the Atrix will be also available on their network under the name Photon 4G, which will also carry a redesign and a few new features that are absent on the Atrix.

The Motorola Photon 4G looks a lot like the Atrix on the outside, with the notable difference being the hexagonal design and the addition of a kickstand on the back, which can prove to be pretty useful in day-to-day applications (you can use it as a clock or calendar on your office desk and in your home, for example). The other major difference from the Atrix is the new 4.3 inches screen (with the same qHD 960×540 resolution), although the overall size of the phone has also increased a bit.

The same hardware specs as the Atrix – dual core power and plenty of space

The internal hardware specs are pretty much the same as the Atrix – the Photon 4G features the fast Nvidia Tegra 2 platform, which has two processor cores running at 1 GHz each and a GeForce graphics adapter that can rival anything else on the market. The processor is aided by 1024 MB of fast DDR2 RAM, which is more than enough to run any applications you might need – at the same time if you want!

There are 16 GB of internal storage space, and the amount can be easily increased to 32 GB or more using the external microSD card slot (Kingston has just announced 64 GB microSD cards, so you certainly won’t have any problems with upgrading your memory in the future). The camera on the back is now 8 megapixels in size, which should prove useful when shooting pictures and video.

The camera on the front, however, remains at 0.3 megapixels – still useful for video calls and the occasional vanity shots for posting on a social network or sending by MMS. Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth, DLNA, GPS, HDMI out – all of these remain the same as on the Atrix. The radio inside Photon 4G is of course a CDMA one, when support for Sprint’s WiMAX network that should provide about the same speeds as T-Mobile and Verizon’s 4G networks.

Android 2.3 preinstalled provides plenty of features for the user

As it should be with all new Android smartphones, the Photon 4G comes with version 2.3 preinstalled, and features Motorola’s custom MotoBlur user interface, which is still a bit buggy, but definitely more stable and useful than the older versions. If you’re a developer on Sprint’s network, you certainly won’t like the Photon 4G – its boot loader is locked so you won’t be able to play with the firmware and software as you wish.

Overall the photon 4G is a very good phone, and will certainly bring a lot of new customers to Sprint’s network. If you’re looking for a powerful smartphone running android that can be used for business or entertainment on the go, this phone is definitely worth a look.

  • hope you can post a hands-on video for this gadget :) so we can clearly see how this gadget works.

  • Motorola has never inspired me during these years, but I think now Motorola has proved itself with the new photon 4g.