Samsung Exhibit 4G Review

T-Mobile in the United States has got a smartphone for everyone, from techno geeks who want the latest and greatest gadget, to business people who just need a fast enough and reliable smartphone and just recently they started adding some pretty good offers for those who just want a cheap phone, but who wouldn’t shy away from any extra features they can get for the price.

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Samsung Exhibit 4G Android Phone

Up until now, these were feature phones, with a touch screen, camera, Web browser and other useful tools, but which lacked a proper OS that could be modified however the user wanted and have a wide range of apps available for it. And now the low-end Android phones are all the rage, and they really changed everything, as now the user has access to all the apps on the Android marketplace and can use them on a cheap and relatively fast phone that is truly smart. The latest smartphone from this range is the Samsung Exhibit 4G, which provides a pretty impressive set of features for a very low price.

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Samsung Exhibit 4G Smartphone

To start with, the design is pretty damn good for such a cheap phone – it looks a bit like the Samsung Droid Charge, only it’s made mostly out of plastic parts, which are still good enough and make the device feel pretty sturdy. The front is adorned by a 3.5 inch LCD display – not quite as good as Samsung’s AMOLED units, but it definitely gets the job done, and the 800×480 resolution is more than enough for anyone, especially at this screen size. There are three navigation touch buttons right below it, and Samsung has gone the iPhone route with the home button – it is now the big physical button that resembles an optical pad (which I would’ve preferred instead, actually).

The internal hardware is on the same level as any other modern smartphone, which is great for performance and resource intensive tasks. The Samsung Exhibit 4G has a single core 1GHZ Hummingbird processor – the same one used in the Galaxy S, so you know it’s fast enough for anything you may throw at it. The processor is accompanied by 512 MB of RAM – even dual core devices don’t use it all, so it’s also more than enough on this phone.

There is 1 GB of onboard ROM for all the apps you’ll want to install, and the storage space is provided by a micro SD card slot, which supports cards of up to 32 GB in size (a 4 GB card comes with the phone to get you started). The Exhibit 4G has a 3 megapixels camera that is just enough to take any snapshots or pictures you might want, although the quality doesn’t even compare to the more expensive phones. You can also shoot widescreen video, albeit only in 720×480 resolution – just like the Motorola Droid, so it’s good enough.

Other hardware specs include a 3.5 mm audio out jack, Bluetooth, Wifi, accelerometer, GPS, and of course, support for 4G HSPA+ on T-Mobile’s network with speeds of up to 21 Mbps download and 5.76 Mbps upload – more than you’ll ever use on a phone.

The software part is great, as well – the Exhibit 4G comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread preinstalled, so it’s pretty future proof in that regard (most apps still work with version 1.6, so I have no doubt, 2.3 will be good for at least a couple of years).

The Samsung Exhibit 4G retails for only $80 with a contract – yes, that is very cheap for everything you get. If you want a cheap new smartphone that can do anything you want it to and that will last for a while, this one’s for you.

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