LG Optimus 2X aka T-Mobile G2X Overview

The dual core era for smartphones is in full swing, and that’s simply great for consumers and manufacturers alike. Of all the SOCs (System-on-a-Chip, which is basically the chip that has the main processor, video adapter and sometimes the memory in mobile devices), the Tegra 2 by NVidia was the first to achieve the low power specs required to run and actually be usable in a modern smartphone.

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LG Optimus 2X

The first generation of Tegra 2 uses a dual core 1 GHz processor, which basically doubles the performance of any processor-intensive apps, and the most powerful video graphics adapter (twice as fast as the one in the iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S), courtesy of NVidia.

T-Mobile G2X
T-Mobile G2X

And the first company to actually take all of this and implement it in a smartphone was LG, which actually had such plans and even demoed a prototype of a dual core smartphone over two years ago (back then it was powered by an Intel Atom, but the thing was too power hungry and it never worked out).

The most powerful smartphone in the world
There were a lot of rumors about the LG Star – and now they came true, with the official name being LG Optimus 2X. Fans actually got the most important part about a dual core CPU right, but the other specs are also pretty nice. There was no confirmation of the amount of RAM, but it’s safe to say that it’s at least 512 MB, and more likely 768 or 1 GB, if we judge by another dual core smartphone, the Motorola Atrix. That is more than enough to run any kind of apps, and it is actually necessary on a dual core device.

Ample storage space and the first 1080p HD camera
In addition to 8 GB integrated memory, the Optimus 2X has a micro SD card slot, which currently supports micro SDHC cards of up to 32 GB, and can potentially support 64 and 128 GB micro SDXC cards when they are released, so you’ll have a lot of space for any data you might want to store on your smartphone.

The Optimus 2X is also the first phone to feature support for 1080p HD video recording, which is made possible by the integrated NVidia video encoder and the 8 megapixels camera on the back. There is also a much less impressive 1.3 megapixels camera on the front for video calling, but that is an almost unnoticeable feature compared to the rest. A mini HDMI out port also lets you output any video or pictures you’ve shot to a TV, monitor or even projector (which can be useful for presentations on the go).

The smartphone has a 4 inch 800×480 display, which is perfect in size for any tasks, and makes the phone easy and comfortable to hold with two or even one hand (unlike the bigger 4.3 inch displays). At only 11 mm, the phone is also very slim – you wouldn’t believe it packs as much processing power as a netbook when you see it!

The LG Optimus 2X is already selling worldwide and it’s one of the best phones of 2011, and it would make a perfect choice for anyone who wants a powerful, relatively affordable and great looking handset in their pocket!

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