Finding the perfect event venue

Event venue can have a great impact on the event’s success. Selection of the event venue and location is considered to be a crucial factor which requires a lot of study and research. Location selection plays a vital role in event planning process. It is quintessential to book an apt venue in advance so that the event is organized without hiccups.

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Be flexible in exploring more options while choosing the venues destination. First try to understand the fact that most of the destinations have a peak season and it is not desirable to plan an event in the location during this specific time since it can take a toll on the budget. Get alternative dates for conducting an event. Negotiating with the individuals dealing with the venue is an important factor in getting the right deal.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail is an integral part of any event management. It is a critical in any kind of site selection process. There are greater possibilities of misunderstanding arising while trying to meeting the requirements which might eventually lead to issues on site. Also additional charges will be imposed if the planner fails to look clearly in to the details. Another important thing is to choose the right hotels for sending the ‘Request for Proposal’. This helps the hotel management to analyze the requirements of the event management team so as to let them know whether the hotel perfectly suits their needs.

Most of the hotels look out for details regarding;

  • Room set ups
  • Food and beverage requirements
  • Audio Visual Requirements

Event History

It is important for event planners to keep records of the previous events held in the venue. This will help them to give a clearer picture to venue authorities on details like participation, attendance, blocking or room for the guests and other aspects required for successful execution of the event. Those who do not have a record of the previous events held will fall prey to prying managements who will impose additional charges for food and beverage in addition to the room charges if the attendees fall below the expected numbers.

Multiple Bid collection and Multi-Year Deals

It is not good to close the deal with the first venue that gives a positive response towards conducting the event. It is not necessary that they offer the best rate to you.  There are certain sales managers who have certain targets to meet before the end of the year. Try to negotiate with those people to get the best of the multi year deals with some of the improved amenities at affordable rates. There are certain hotels that will be more flexible in hosting the event at a comparatively cheaper rate when you sign a contract for conducting the events in the same venue for the next two or three years.

Using free online sourcing tools

Before internet came in to being, event planners had to send RFPs manually to the venues which used to come across as a difficult process. Now with internet, there are many online sourcing tools. The RFPs haves now evolved into ‘eRFPs’ (Electronic Requests for Proposals) which are much more convenient and easy to handle.