“Proudly Pinoy” Logo Design Competition announced the winner!

Finally! After a couple of weeks of reviews and selection process. Proudly Pinoy Logo Competition proudly announced its winning entry. In judging the logos, the judges considered public popularity, received comments, design, artistic merit, theme and motif, and the functionality of the logos on a broad range of websites, from business to personal. Here is the winning entry.

Judges’ Comments: This logo has it all. It is perfectly balanced, has excellent visual impact, yet remains elegant and graceful. The Filipino identity is immediately obvious. The message is fairly clear – one gets a sense of warmth and caring, and love, which, unlike in other nations, are attributes that are considered more important in the Philippines than any other character trait. Hence the logo superbly expresses what makes us proud to be Filipinos.

What’s This Logo?
Mabuhay! This “Proudly Pinoy” logo expresses pride in being Filipino. It is available for all Filipino designed or owned websites. If you are a Filipino or have a Filipino site, please support this project and express your pride of being Pinoy by posting this logo on your Pinoy site or blog!

Who May Use It?
Anyone who is proud to be Pinoy may use this logo on their website. It is free to use for both personal and business websites. The only requirements are (1) do not modify the logo except resizing, and (2) link the logo back to this site, so that when someone clicks on the logo, they can see this website.

How To Use the Logo?
Just download the logo image file to your computer. Then use your usual software to add the logo to your website or blog. As of now, we have the large size and the small size. Versions with transparent backgrounds are coming soon.

How Did This Come About?
This logo, created by Joe Talisic, and now owned by www.ProudlyPinoy.org, was one of the entries in a hugely successful competition which ran from Independence Day thru July 19, 2007. Read about the judging, or browse the competition archive with 297 entries.

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