3 Ways to Do to Stop Blogging Block and Create a Better Blog

Blogging Block No More!  3 Ways to Do to Stop Blogging Block and Create a Better Blog

Got a bad case of the blogging block?  Here are 3 ways to get rid of it forever:

1.  Subscribe to a Google Alert service. 
Do you perform regular searches on a particular topic?  Google Alert can help automate your usual queries.  Simply provide the keywords and Google Alert can help you beat your blogging block by running a search for you everyday and then send you an alert via e-mail.  You can also track certain information such as business trends, industry reports and competitor activities through this service.

2.  Catch up on your reading.
Get your updates from sources other than the internet.  Books, magazines, newspapers and trade journals are excellent sources of new information… and inspiration.  Instead of just limiting your magazine or newsletter subscription to your topic of choice, expand your knowledge and read about related stuff. 

Say for example your blog is about technology and gadgets.  If you’ve been hit by blogging block, try to read on other related subjects such as physical and psychological problems caused by new technology, people who choose to go without technology, wastes and pollution caused by technology, risks and dangers about using certain gadgets, etc.  Don’t be limited by your subject.  Expand it.

3.  Socialize.
One way to know the world better is to leave your computer for a few hours and get out of the house.  It’s amazing how much stuff you can take inspiration from outside of your home or office area.  Go to events, attend seminars, see the new museum exhibits, even travel.  Refreshed and renewed, you can go home and beat blogging block to a pulp.

Im sure you have your own way to get rid of blogging block… Would you mind sharing it?