3 Tips to Promote User-Generated Content Your Blog Can Benefit From

Although they began as personal online journals, most blogs these days are not meant to be private property where no one else can venture to take a peek. Today, blogs persuade, sell, swap, transact, communicate, rally, argue, even create controversy online, thriving on the unique communities that have cropped up on the web. If you have a blog, why not boost its presence through user-generated content? Here’s how:

1. Make use of different user-generated content.
User-generated content refer to entries that your sites’ visitors and readers leave on your blog. They can differ in nature and purpose – some are mainly reactions and comments to what you’ve written, others may be tips or news, while there are user-generated content that may be entries to contests and promotions you may have used on your site.

2. Encourage user-generated content with controversial and/or conversational content.
People will only leave comments or tips on your blog if they find that your site has something to say. Otherwise, they won’t bother. To ensure that you stay within radar, write interesting stories and articles that your target readers can relate to.

If you can handle it nicely, you can even choose newsworthy topics that can start a healthy, rolling online conversation or even create a stir with controversial subjects. Just make sure you have a strong basis for your views. Otherwise, you will be viewed as nothing more than a hollow noisemaker with nothing substantial to say. Respect your readers and they will respect you back.

3. Wiki it!
Can you do really great research on a subject with a universal appeal? Why not include a wiki on your blog and let people react to it? A wiki can create user-generated content by allowing your readers to add their own information on your topic or subject. You create a healthy collaboration with your readers in the process.

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