Know the 3 Tell-Tale Signs of a Home-Based Scam

Forewarned is Forearmed: Know the 3 Tell-Tale Signs of a Home-Based Scam

Home-based scams have victimized millions of people around the world. One of them is probably one of your colleagues, your neighbor or it could one of your relatives. Don’t become part of this statistic.

Here are 3 signs that home-based business opportunity you’re considering is a dirty scam:

1. If it’s too good to be true, it almost always is.
‘Make Thousands a Day, No Experience Necessary!’ ‘$3,000 Within 24 Hours Using Our Home-based System!’ ‘I Made $$$$ Without Working!’

Do all these promises sound familiar? They should be. They are part of the marketing tricks some of the most popular home-based scams use. Words will change but the idea remains the same: you can earn more money than you’ve ever dreamed of without doing a lot of work.

Unfortunately, promises of riches that are this good are bound to fail. Stay away from get-rich-quick schemes and people who tell you they’ve stumbled upon a secret way to make zillions of money. If they did, they wouldn’t be telling you about it from a link to a website that looks like it was designed by your fifth grade nephew.

2. Before anything else, pay up.
An upfront fee is one of the top tell-tale signs of a home-based scam. It will sound convincing but do you really need to pay a hundred bucks or more for a business system you have never heard of? Worse, a system that was never explained to you?

Chances are, the people who run that home-based scam will just take your money, send you a useless kit or generic business guide and leave you to your own devices.

3. Everybody’s in on it.
If everyone else is suspicious of that offer, why shouldn’t you be? If you’ve snooped around in forums on the internet and have read reports of that home-based scam or if everybody else around you is telling you it’s a fake, take heed. Wisdom is learned but you could gain it without losing your money or your pride.

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